PMG Slides - Fermilab

PMG Slides - Fermilab

Eric Prebys, FNAL Seletion Committee Chair 6/4/08 Joint Argonne/Fermilab Venture Patterned after existing internships, but focused on accelerator physics Under auspices of virtual Illinois Accelerator Institute (also new) ~5 students at each lab Joint selection process, after which program administered separately at the two labs Nominally June 2-August 8, to match SULI/IPM June 16-June 27 spend at the USPS (U. of Maryland) Student works closely with a mentor on a predetermined project involving accelerator physics or related technology Eligible Physics, Math, Engineering, or Computer Science majors at U.S. Universities (not necessarily U.S. citizens) Juniors or outstanding Sophomores E. Prebys Lee Teng Welcom 6/4/08 2 ~Nov. 28, 2007 Dec. 4, 2007 First joint meeting, at Argonne Dec. 14, 2007

Eric hears about internship and agrees to chair selection committee Then learns there is no logo, website, posters, flyers, application, etc Go live! Website Online application Poster Flyer Wikipedia article on Lee Teng February 15, 2008 Application deadline Postponed from original 2/8/08 deadline (on posters) to match IPM E. Prebys Lee Teng Welcom 6/4/08 3 Selection Committee Also involved in creating internship Eric Prebys, FNAL (Chair) William Barletta, MIT and USPAS Eric Norum, ANL Peter Ostroumov, ANL Alving Tollestrup, FNAL Rod Gerig, ANL Vladimir Shiltsev, FNAL Harold Myron, ANL Kathy Harkay, ANL Jean Slaughter, FNAL Plus

E. Prebys Lee Teng Welcom 6/4/08 4 Anita Alamillo, ANL Diana Canzone, FNAL Managed mentor assignments at ANL Susan Winchester, FNAL Set up online application on very short notice Linda Spentzouris, IIT Managed application materials, handling transportation/housing at FNAL Liz Quigg, FNAL Poster, flyer, logo Carol Angarola, FNAL Web site Coordinating USPAS end of things Lisa Reed, ANL Coordination of Argonne program E. Prebys Lee Teng Welcom 6/4/08

5 First Last sex Citizen University class major Lab Mentor Casey Bennett M USA Illinois Institute of Technology Junior Computer Science FNAL R. Fliller Adam Clark M USA Rockhurst University Junior Mathematics/ Physics ANL Yusof/Gai Matthew Gooden M USA University of New Mexico Junior Physics & Applied Math

ANL K-J. Kim Joshua Hawke M USA Northern Illinois University Junior Mustapha/Ostromov John Hlotke M USA Northern Illinois University Junior Physics ANL Professional Physics and General Math FNAL Junior Physics ANL Yusof/Gai Junior Electrical Engineering ANL Maclean/Quintano Junior Physics FNAL B. Zwaska Junior

Physics (intensive) FNAL D. Broemmelsiek Soph. Mathematical Sciences ANL M. Borland Junior Physics FNAL T. Sen Teng Jian Khoo Jerry Lee Pardis Niknejadi M Malaysia Williams College University of Illinois at UrbanaM Singapore Champaign University of California-Los F USA Angles Chris Pollard M USA Aminur Rahman M Canada Yale University New Jersey Institute of Technology David Yu M USA

University of Chicago Gender: R. Thurman-Keup Region: 10 Male 5 Illinois Schools 1 Female Furthest West: UCLA Furthest East: Yale Class: 10 Junior 1 Sophomore E. Prebys Lee Teng Welcom 6/4/08 Citizenship 8 US 3 other 6

Accelerator science is a very exciting field High energy physics Nuclear physics Light sources Spallation neutron sources Medical applications Hadron therapy Isotope production Food sterilization Industrial applications This program is an excellent opportunity Real world experience USPAS! Good step toward graduate school E. Prebys Lee Teng Welcom 6/4/08 7 Make the most of it Lots of opportunities to talk to scientists, graduate students and fellow undergrads Lots of opportunities for fun (but keep it legal) Later in the summer Well have another joint session at Argonne near the end, where students present a summary of their work (still working out the details) Possibly other joint activities Let us know how it goes This is the first year and were looking for ways to improve things! E. Prebys Lee Teng Welcom 6/4/08 8

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