Physical Activity and Fitness

Physical Activity and Fitness

Physical Activity and Fitness Chapter Nine Mr. Le Chapter Objectives Identify the benefits of physical activity

Describe various types of physical activities Develop behaviors that will improve your body composition Explain the parts of the FITT principle Identify factors to consider when choosing activities and exercises Describe the benefits of conditioning Show how to treat sports-related injuries Develop nutrition habits for athletes

Choosing an Active Lifestyle Physical Activity any form of bodily movement that uses up energy. Activity and Your Physical Health

Coordination : smooth and effective movement when muscle and bones are working together. Balance: feeling of stability and control over your body.

Calories: units of heat that measure the energy available in foods Activity and Your Mental Health Activity and Your Social Health Physical Activity and Fitness Physical

Fitness : the ability to handle the physical demands of everyday life without becoming overly tired Decrease Health Risks Diabetes (type 1 and type 2)

Cancer Obesity Cardiovascular Disease Linked to diseases Sedentary lifestyle- way of life that involves little physical activity ( talk about technology)

CDC 35% do not participate in 20 minutes 3 times a week 55% attend pe class on one or more days a week 29% attendance in pe compared to 42% in 1991 of American adults are overweight (1/3)

14 percent teens are overweight The estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. was $147 billion in 2008 U.S. dollars The Importance of Exercise Exercise: planned physical activity done regularly to build or maintain ones fitness.

Aerobic : rhythmic, nonstop, moderate to vigorous activity that requires large amounts of oxygen Anaerobic: intense physical activity that requires little oxygen but uses short bursts of energy. Measures of Fitness Heart

and Lung Endurance Muscle Strength and Muscle Endurance Flexibility Composition Heart and Lung Endurance Definition: a measure of how efficiently your heart and lungs work when you

exercise and how quickly they return to normal when you stop. Muscle Strength and Endurance Muscle Strength: measure of the most weight you can lift or the most force you can exert at one time

Muscle Endurance: a measure of a muscles ability to repeatedly exert force over a prolonged period of time Flexibility Definition:

the ability of your bodys joints to move easily through a full range of motion Body Composition Definition: the ratio of body fat to lean body tissue such as bone, muscle and fluid.

Choosing Activities and Exercise Personal Tastes what do you like to do?

Cross-training : switching between different activities and exercises on different days Requirements What equipment do you need? Lessons/trainer? Creating a Schedule Realistic

and Practical Write it down Building Fitness Levels FITT Principle : a method for safely increasing aspects of your workout without injuring yourself.

F = Frequency I = Intensity T = Time T = Type

Monitoring Your Heart Rate Resting Heart Rate : the number of times your heart beats per minute when you are relaxing. Target Heart Rate : the range of

numbers between which your heart and lungs receive the most benefit from a workout Warming Up and Cooling Down Warm Up : a period of low to moderate exercise to prepare your body for more vigorous activity.

Workout: period of most output of energy Cool Down : a period of low to moderate exercise to prepare your body to end a workout session. Sports Condition Conditioning: a regular activity and

exercise that prepares a person for a sport Sports Nutrition Nutrition Before Stay

= individuals eating habits a sporting event? hydrated Minimizing Risk Proper gear

Know your limits Treating Injuries P- protect the injured part from being further injured R rest the injured part I ice the part using an ice pack C compress or put pressure on the injured part, you can use an ace bandage for this.

E elevate the injured part above the level of the heart Weather Related Injuries Dehydration: condition caused by excessive water loss Heat Exhaustion: an over heating of the

body that can result from dehydration In Closing Increase performance, feel comfortable, reduce risk of strains and injuries and prevent lower back problems. Different physical activities. Exercise helps the body keep blood sugar levels

normal and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels Strengthens heart muscle to pump blood more efficiently Increase lung capacity Reduce risk of diseases

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