Persuasive Advertising

Persuasive Advertising

PERSUASIVE ADVERTISING Miss Schmitz 7th Grade English-Language Arts July, 2012 HOW TO NAVIGATE Go to next slide Go back to previous

Go to Main Menu LEARNING OUTCOMES To recognize methods that advertisers often use to persuade

To analyze advertisements for these techniques To apply the techniques to different audiences MAIN MENU

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LESSON Advertisers use many techniques of persuasion to make us want to purchase their products.

In this unit, we will focus on 5 persuasive techniques advertisers use to entice an audience: Bandwagon Avant-Garde Testimonials Facts and Figures Transfer

LESSON Bandwagon: Advertisers make it seem that everyone is buying this product, so you feel you should buy it too.

Example: The best, most exciting board game is sweeping the nation. All your friends and neighbors are playing. LESSON Avant-Garde This

technique is the opposite of Bandwagon. Advertisers make it seem that the product is so new that you will be the first on the block to have it. Example: Hurry and be the first to own the new iPhone 4s with the newest

technology! LESSON Testimonials Advertisers use celebrities and regular people to endorse products.

Example: Im Katy Perry, and Proactiv works on me! LESSON Facts & Figures Statistics,

percentages, and numbers are used to convince you that this product is better or more effective than another product. Example: 30% more effective than the leading brand. 4 out of 5 dentists recommend.

LESSON Transfer Wants you to associate the good feelings created in the ad with the product.

Example: A happy family sitting by a warm fireplace eating soup will associate comfort and security with the product ACTIVITY Click on the Activity below. Print out the worksheet and follow the directions.

ONLY COMPLETE pages 112-113 today. Persuasive Techniques Activity QUIZ 1. Which advertising technique uses percentages, statistics, and numbers to convince the audience their product is

better? A. Avant-Garde C. Facts & Figures B. Testimonials D. Bandwagon Try Again!

QUIZ 2. Everybody on the block already owns these shoes. You should, too! This is an example of what technique? A. Bandwagon C. Transfer B. Testimonials

D. Avant-Garde Try Again! QUIZ 3. The video clip you watched is an example of which of the following techniques? A. Avant-Garde

B. Facts & Figures C. Bandwagon D. Testimonials Try Again! QUIZ 4. Which technique suggests that you will be the first on the block to own the product, and

that only cool people like you will have this? A. Facts & Figures B. Avant-Garde C. Testimonials D. Bandwagon Try Again! QUIZ

5. Which technique gives you a good and positive feeling when you view it, and therefore makes you want to buy the product? A. Testimonials B. Facts & Figures C. Transfer D. Bandwagon

Try Again! CONCLUSION Be aware of the 5 advertising techniques as you view various TV commercials and ads in print magazines or billboards Bandwagon Avant-Garde

Facts & Figures Testimonials Transfer ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Check out these other advertisements and

see if you can guess the advertising technique! ATT Ad Chevy Ad

REFERENCES YouTube video clip: Nicki

ATT Manaj Ad Ad Chevy

Ad Graphic Clip Art: Google

images Lesson & Activity handout: Springboard


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