Personal Selling Marketing Co-Op

Personal Selling Marketing Co-Op

Personal Selling Marketing Co-Op Its so new we dont know what it does, but nobody else has it so were selling the hell out of it. Personal Selling Any form of direct contact between a salesperson and a customer How is it different

from other forms of promotion? The two way communication between the seller and the buyer Types of Selling Retail Selling unique because customers have to come to the store Sales person must be available to answer questions about the product or service Types of Selling

Business to Business sales between two businesses Inside Sales - usually takes place in the manufacturers or wholesalers showroom Outside Sales usually takes place in the customers place of business Requires that sales representatives contact businesses Call to make an appointment

Cold Call show up unannounced Types of Selling Telemarketing the process of selling over the telephone The law prohibits telemarketers from calling any number on the National Do Not Call

Registry Goals of Selling The purpose and goals of selling are the same no matter the selling situation Help customers make satisfying buying decisions, which create ongoing, profitable relationships between the buyer and seller Repeat business is crucial to the success of any company

Consultative Selling Providing solutions to customers problems by finding products that meet their needs Feature-Benefit Selling Matching the characteristics of a product to a customers needs and wants

How will the product features provide benefit to the customer? Product Features The basic, physical, or extended attributes of the product Product Feature Watch

Car Made of titanium Comes in 6 different colors Product Features Physical features of a product differentiate competing brands and models When buying a car one might consider Engine type

Gas consumption Appearance Stereo system Tires Anti-lock brakes Number of passengers it hold VS Product Benefit The advantages or personal satisfaction a customer will get from a good or service Product

Feature Watch Tells Time Car Provides Transportation Feature-Benefit for North Face Jacket Product Feature 100% Nylon Fabric Consumer Benefit Durable, Water/Wind Resistant, Washable 65% polyester & 35% cotton Comfortable against skin, Washable

jersey knit lining Colors: red, gray, navy, green Unisex colors, offers variety Sizes: Children xs, s, m, l, xl Adult xs, s, m, l, xl Covers full age range Meets the needs of all customers Limited Warranty Covers defects in the materials and workmanship

Assignement Create your own feature-benefit chart for each of the following products Microwave Recordable CDs Mechanical Pencils Customer Buying Motives A salesperson must know what motivates customers to buy Rational Motives conscious, logical reason for a purchase Emotional Motives a feeling experienced by a customer

through association with a product Rational Motives Examples of Rational Motives Product dependability Time or monetary savings Health or safety considerations Service and Quality Emotional Motives Examples of Emotional Motives Social Approval

Recognition Power Love Prestige Customer Decision Making Different customers require different levels of assistance when shopping How they make these decisions is based on several factors Previous experience with product or

Previous experience with product or company company How often purchase the product How often they they purchase the product The importance of theof purchase The importance

the purchase The perceived risk involved in the The perceived risk involved in the purchase purchase The time available to make decision The time available

to the make the decision Types of Decision Making Extensive when there has been little or no previous experience with a product or company High degree of risk It is very expensive or has high value Examples new car, a home, expensive jewelry Limited when the customer has purchased the product before, but not regularly

Moderate degree of risk Customer needs more information before purchasing Examples furniture, electronics, vacations, house hold appliances Routine when the customer needs little information about the product Low degree of risk because it is inexpensive It is purchased regularly so the customers trust the product Examples groceries, newspapers/magazines, personal care items Assignment 1 Imagine you are buying a new car. Consider the different life scenarios and the buying motives associated with the lifestyle. Write a paragraph explaining the car you would

choose, whether your buying decisions would be rational or emotional and what type of decision making you would use. (You are to write a short paragraph for each) A teenager buying their first car A single 30 something with a great job A parent with 3 children A retired golfer that lives in Florida Assignment 2 Chapter 12 (In Orange Marketing Book) 12.1 pg. 264 Key Terms and Concepts..(1-3) 12.2 pg. 271 Key Terms and Concepts..(1-3) Chapter Review..(3-11) You will be held responsible for all red dot terms for the test

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