Penetration Testing and Off-Site Data Hosting

Penetration Testing and Off-Site Data Hosting

GWIS Core Services Julie Marsland ([email protected]) Wholesale Product Manager Golden West Internet Solutions Agenda Overview Authentication (AAA) Email & Filtering

Web & DNS Overview Core Services are the base services we provide to our VISP partner companies. They include AAA, Email with spam & virus filtering, Web, & DNS These services must reside on our equipment. Golden West has three facilities in South Dakota, located in Wall, Dell Rapids, and Rapid City that are home to our equipment. We are connected to the Internet through backbone provided by AT&T, Sprint, and SDN. AAA - Authentication

Authentication allows our system to identify a customer as he attempts to gain access to our systems by having him input a unique username & password Authorization - allows individuals access to the type and level of services they pay for once they have been authenticated by our system Accounting - manages the customers account & facilitates

accurate billing by logging session statistics and resource utilization during the customers access time. AAA provides a Best Practice in controlling the customers experiences & managing their services CCC AAA Email

Our Email service includes 200MB of space, or 90 days retention, whichever comes first Based on these quotas, we prefer POP rather than IMAP email settings We process over a million valid emails, and bounce 8-10 million blatant spam & virus emails each day Filtering

Our outbound email filtering is unique, programmed by GWIS using Barracuda equipment, along with our own proprietary gear & software We have had this solution in place for some time now, handling more than 50,000 valid emails daily We currently process inbound email filtering using Postini, but are working toward a proprietary inbound solution. Web

Web space is really disk space on a remote computer that can be accessed anywhere, worldwide, through the Internet Todays Internet customers use this space for many purposes including storage & back-up for vital information, personal & business web pages, and digital photo storage. 10MB of Web with 4GB of data transfer per month is a GWIS core service GWIS offers a wide variety of industry standard tools and web formats for customers to choose from as they populate their Web space

DNS & Domain Services DNS short for Domain Name Services - functions like an Internet yellow pages directory. The DNS task is to translate domain names into IP addresses so computers on the Internet are able to navigate to websites of their choice. DNS & Domain Services are a subset of our Web core service you must have Web space on our servers to be able to have a

domain hosted with us. GWIS has programmed domain automation, allowing for automatic generation and provisioning of domains through the Customer Care Center, the automation process is provided to customers at no extra charge Once a domain is active on our server, the DNS is announced via the WWW for free, our competition charges for this service Summary

GWIS Core services Authentication (AAA) Email with filtering Web & DNS Questions?

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