Partner Channel Incentives Introduction -

Partner Channel Incentives Introduction -

Partner Channel Incentives Introduction More profitability on-premise, in private cloud & in the public cloud Reinvests incentives Systems Understands up

integrator 30% for Receives Market Number Shares opportunity Pipeline of staff to grow

business influenced incentives business revenue Receives not credit Struggles to move Systems

Not aware integrator of to Influence Market Number for influenced opportunity not of staff

visible the next level incentives business revenue Major trends in IT Prevalence of

consumer technology Growing use of cloud computing Rise of the social enterprise

Need for a platform to support business evolution Money on the table Awareness Support

Complexity Program types Transact Solution Cloud

Referral Solution Incentives Program Windows Management and Virtualization

SQL Lync Perceived Complexity Welcome Email Signing In

Initial Sign In PSX Home Add or Import tab Adding Opportunities Selecting Customers

Adding Products Sharing Opportunities Cloud Incentives Program Advisor EA Deployment

Azure Enhanced Cloud Program for FY13 1 2 3 4 Cloud Essentials

Cloud Accelerate Jumpstart your cloud business Build a profitable cloud business Delegated Administration

Now available for all CE/CA partners to administer and manage customers Channel Incentives Eligible for Core Sales/Deploy incentive Eligible to Cloud Accelerator incentive Internal

Use Rights Office 365: 25 Seats Windows Intune: 25 Seats CRM Online: 25 Seats Office 365: 250 Seats Windows Intune: 100 Seats

CRM Online: 250 Seats Streamlined Enrollment July: Sign MOSPA = Auto CE Enrollment Oct: MPN and MOSPA Combined Agreement Partners can qualify with a Microsoft Competency or Microsoft Action Pack

Subscription Support Regional Support Centre 13-20-58, option 4 Escalate logged

call through PAM Q&A Take the Money off the table Find out what youre entitle to earn

Membership/partner-incentives-program.aspx Incentives Link Enter opportunities Escalate Issues

Regional Support Centre 13-20-58, option 4 PSX Link Thank You David Kinch

041053301 9

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