NREL Power point slide template - cover and main slide

NREL Power point slide template - cover and main slide

Rebuilding Greensburg, Kansas Lynn Billman NREL Project Lead 10/29/12 Sustainable Disaster Recovery Conference St. Louis, Missouri NREL is a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC

Greensburg, Kansas Typical midwestern farming community Population peaked at 2,000 in 1960; declined to 1,400 by 2006 Older population: median age 45.6 Low income population: $18,054 average per capita; 8.4% below the poverty line 2

May 4, 2007 9:40 PM 3 May 5, 2007 4 Many Helping Hands the First Year

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Only National Laboratory Dedicated Solely to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Leading clean-energy innovation for 35 years 1740 employees with world-class facilities Campus is a living model of sustainable energy Owned by the Department of Energy Operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy

6 DOE/NREL Work Scope in Greensburg Assist Energy Planning Reduce Building Energy Use

Community Master Plan High-Performance Homes High-Performance Public and Commercial Buildings Use Renewable Energy Renewable Energy Community Scale Renewable Energy Distributed Scale

Reduce Gasoline/ Diesel Use Alternative Transportation Biomass Utilization Tell the Greensburg

Green Story Publications, Outreach Documents, Websites, Webinars, Conferences/Speaking Engagements, Journals Onsite Coordination /Project Mgmt 7 Planning for Energy: Community Master Plan (BNIM) 8 Saving Energy: Residential Buildings Gave residents info on saving money with efficiency Provided onsite architect to help individual homeowners esp during biggest building period Provided training and info for local builders, architects, engineers

Developed full set of free 50% efficient house plans Cost Savings Estimated Incremental First Cost Relative to Standard Practice $4,000 Annual Amortized Cost 7%, 30Year mortgage

$211 Estimated Annual Utility Bill Savings $723 Net Annual Savings

$512 Free Plans 9 Greensburg Residential Building Efficiency Results New homes rated averaged ~43% energy cost savings compared to code (HERS ratings) Renovations rated averaged 25% energy cost savings

32-unit townhome rentals; about 20 Mennonite Housing single-family; six followed NREL-designed plans for 50% energy cost savings Waters Home Mennonite Housing Prairie Point Townhomes 10

Commercial Buildings Efficiency Results Thirteen Greensburg buildings are saving a combined total of $200,000 in energy costs per year 11 Commercial Buildings: Proof in the Energy Bills

12 Saving Energy: First Community in U.S. to Have (Mostly) All LED Streetlights 40% more energy efficient 70% less operating costs 13 Using Utility-Scale Renewable Energy: Greensburg

Wind Farm Class 5: 7.8 mps at 50 meters 9.1 mps at 85 meters

12.5 MW (ten 1.25 Suzlon turbines) About 4,000 homes Kansas Power Pool is the purchaser Greensburg receives the renewable energy credits for their usage Funding through USDA, John Deere Renewables, and Native Energy 14

Using Distributed Renewable Energy Several ground source heat pumps on commercial and residential buildings Photovoltaics on four buildings 50-kw wind turbines at school, hospital (two), John Deere, and Best Western Drilling geothermal wells at the Courthouse

7 kW Photovoltaics (roof, top right) on Sunchips Business Incubator 2 kW Photovoltaics for GreenTown Eco-Silo Home 15 Making Change Last: City Policies Completed City RE policies

Interconnection agreement Net billing policy Wind ordinance Solar ordinance

Detailed white paper on wind turbines in residential areas Green Building Program MOU with Kansas chapter of National Association of Home Builders Training for Green Building Professionals held Nov 4-6, 2009 in Wichita; two Greensburg representatives attended NAHB offered to train two Certified Raters to work in the area Adoption of energy-efficient building codes (IECC 2009) nope. 16

Sharing the Lessons and Telling the Story 17 Thank You! Additional resources and websites follow for the web posting of this presentation Greensburg

Sustainable Community Resources This project was made possible by U.S. Department of Energy funds. Lynn Billman [email protected] 303-275-3048 18 More Info: DOE Website for Greensburg

19 More Info: DOE Greensburg Publications, Webinars... 20 Greensburg Publications for Residential

21 More Info: Greensburg GreenTown 22 DRAFT DO NOT CITE DO NOT PUBLISH More DOInfo:

NOT POST Greensburg Building Database 23 More Info: Sustainable Communities 24 More Info: Sustainable Community Planning 25 More Info: Community Energy Planning 26 More Info: Residential Analysis Resources 27 More Info: Energy Efficiency for Residential

28 More Info: NAHB Green Homes: 29 More Info: Energy Star New Homes (EPA/DOE)

30 More Info LEED Green Homes 31 More Info: Financial Incentives: 32

More Info: Financial Incentives Energy efficient mortgages: Xcel rebates: 33

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