Notebook Universities do not have to be Expensive

Notebook Universities do not have to be Expensive

A University eBook and eReader Pilot Study Dr. Roger Von Holzen Dr. Jon Rickman 1 Introduction A Northwest goal is to ensure that graduates have strong computer competencies Northwest has provided textbooks to students for over

100 years Northwest provides a laptop computer to every full-time student Northwests eTextbook initiative is the natural next step forward for its Electronic Campus* 2 Laptops and Textbooks 2008 Marketing Survey

Northwest students and graduates value the cost savings of the rental programs 3 Costs for Laptops and Textbooks Most Notebook Universities require students to purchase a notebook computer A smaller number of schools lease computers and charge students about $700 to $1000 per year Northwest charges students about $300 per year for a notebook computer

Most college students have to purchase textbooks at a cost of about $1,000 per year Northwest charges about $180 per year ($6/sch) for students to rent their textbooks* 4 Wholesale eTextbook Sales Source: 5 eReaders available

Kindle from Sony Reader Plastic Logic iPhones from Apple Personal computers 6 Plastic Logic Reader

Features an 8.5 x 11-inch area of display Thinner than a pad of paper Lighter than many business periodicals Supports a full range of business document formats Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and Adobe PDFs Newspapers, periodicals and books

Uses a gesture-based user interface Can connect to information either wired or wirelessly Stores thousands of documents on the device Incorporates E Ink technology for great readability Features low power consumption and long battery life Black/white only and no animation/video CNN Video Plastic Logic Video 7 Phase I: Using a Sony Reader Device has 6-inch display Utilizes E Ink technology almost paper-like

easy to read even in bright sunshine allows for high contrast and high resolution, with a near 180 viewing angle. Text can be changed between three different sizes One touch buttons to move backward and forward through book pages Able to conduct keyword searches 8 Loading a Sony Reader eTextbooks are first downloaded from the publisher web site to the

students laptop Transfer eTextbooks to the Sony Reader via a USB connection Reader is recharged through the USB connection to the laptop Possible to install Sony library software to purchase and manage eTextbooks and eBooks from The eBook Store from Sony* 9 Northwest eTextbook Initiative 10

Reading Across the Curriculum The Electronic Campus 2008 Student / Class Enroll Administrative Systems Faculty / Class Assign Room / Class Assign Textbook / Class Assign Student / Notebook Assign Student Notebook eTextbooks

Campus Network Student Notebook / eTextbooks Load My Text Book eBook Reader Textbook Publishers

Jon Rickman August 19, 2008 11 Phase I Findings There are multiple components to a textbook, including graphs and images, with all having separate copyrights The formatting for eReaders can require weeks to complete For campus-wide deployment there are currently not enough eReader-compatible eTextbooks Most eTextbooks are available only through laptop computers and/or web access PDF formatted textbooks have restrictive and

slow navigation options* 12 Phase I Findings Students have a high affinity for handheld electronic devices Students like the idea of not having to carry 20 or 30 pounds of textbooks in their backpacks Keyword searching and annotating are very important features for students and faculty The enthusiasm quickly waned for eReaders without the needed search and annotation features Students found the eReaders were attention

getters but were not attention keepers* 13 Laptops as eTextbook Readers Integrates textbooks with other software and services including email and web access Most schools already employ staff and/or students to assist users Delivery of eTextbooks to the students is

extremely efficient* 14 Northwest Notebook Check-out and eTextbook Loading Students pick up their notebook prior to the first week of classes Their ID card is scanned along with the bar code on the notebook for inventory Students are given eTextbook access codes* 15

VitalSource Bookshelf Promotes one standard on campus and not multiple standards eTextbook web connection on campus software loadset Bookshelf files are download to the students computer Students may: Video customize their page views search single books or any

group of books highlight and take searchable notes print and copy-and-paste with bibliographic support* 16 Northwest Support Procedures The Electronic Campus Support Center is open for any hardware/software repair Assist students to download and activate VitalSource

Bookshelf Assist students to download eTextbooks* 17 Phase II Goal: evaluate eTextbooks designed for use on student laptops Phase II will be completed during the spring semester of 2009 Concentrated on the deployment of eTextbooks provided by five publishers Eleven of a possible 19 academic departments volunteered to

participate Twenty classes, across the 11 departments, were selected to use eTextbooks Approximately 500 students were involved in Phase II* 18 Sample Cost Comparisons Pilot Course Title Cost of Traditional Textbook Approx. Cost of eTextbook

Fundamentals of Business Finance* $168.00 $72.25 (VitalSource) Human Resources Management* $130.00 $68.75 (VitalSource) Intercultural Communication* $95.00

$51.48 (Coursemart 180 day subscription) Management Information Systems* $140.00 $71.49 (Coursemart 180 day subscription) Introduction to Psychology $121.00 $62.95 (Coursemart 180 day subscription)

19 Phase II Findings The delivery of eTextbooks to students via their laptop computers was a simple and very efficient process Students were able to complete the downloading of eTextbooks with little assistance from university support staff Several publishers were able to provide enhanced eTextbooks with quizzes and shared notes The need for standardized reading features appeared useful as some students used multiple eTextbooks Students could continue to see the potential for carrying backpacks that weighted less Some eTextbook features, if used in the classroom, need

additional Wi-Fi connectivity* 20 Advantages of eTextbooks Facilitates integrated learning resources for the student Conveys lower costs into lower charges to students Textbook publishers have shown a substantial commitment to research in order to develop a new vision for eTextbooks*

21 Options to Ensure Students have Notebooks and Software The university may mandate students have notebooks through an off campus or a bookstore acquisition The university may lease notebooks and rent them to students through fees The university may purchase notebooks and rent them to students through fees* 22

Conclusions Northwest provides a laptop to every full-time student Northwest provides textbooks eTextbooks will replace traditional textbooks as they are available and found acceptable by students Faculty will continue to select eTextbooks and textbooks based on their content* 23

Jon Rickman: Information Systems [email protected] Roger Von Holzen: DirectorCITE [email protected] 24 Plastic Logic Reader Plastic Logic Reader

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