NOMMA Presentation

NOMMA Presentation

NOMMA & NOMMA Education Foundation Research Program Progress report presented to the ICC Code Technology Committee December 13, 2006 Phoenix, AZ Progress since last CTC meeting Completed Request For Proposal, which

has been approved by the NOMMA Board. Narrowed the field of research entity candidates to four finalists. Request For Proposal Research entities are being asked to complete the following: Re-research the existing published data. Define factors that might affect climbability and the reasons why these

factors warrant investigation. Provide a concise discussion of experimental techniques that can be used to measure the effect of these factors. A budget cost for said research. Review of proposals and final determination The NOMMA Code Advisory Council will review all incoming proposals

and prepare a presentation for the NOMMA Board of Directors. The NOMMA Board will ultimately decide whether to proceed by funding one of the studies. Factors Affecting Climbability The study will specifically examine the following: DESIGN factors. HUMAN factors.

All research will be targeted to children 36 months and younger. DESIGN factors Height Spacing Orientation Toeholds Size Rigidity Overhang Offset

Pitch HUMAN factors Developmental Age Height Sex Strength Climbing Technique Clothing Shoes Perception of Height Attraction to

Stimulus Prior Experience Practice Strength of Warning Type of Warning Parental Supervision Research Study Finalists Westat Exponent NAHB Research Center University of Nevada, Las

Vegas and Triad Consulting Westat Employee-owned research corporation serving agencies of the U.S. government, as well as businesses, foundations, and state and local governments. The firm employees nearly 2,000 research, technical, and administrative

staff. NOMMA was initially attracted to this firm because of the pool fence climbing study that they conducted in the early 1990s. Exponent Exponent is an engineering and scientific consulting firm providing solutions to complex problems.

The firms scientists, physicians, engineers, and business consultants represent more than 70 technical disciplines. The company is well-versed in human factors studies. They analyze human cognition and behavior to guide product design decisions for better safety and usability. NAHB Research Center The NAHB Research Center is a separately

incorporated and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders. The Center adheres to objective research and has a sophisticated research facility in Upper Marlboro, MD. Staff is comprised of engineers and technicians skilled in material properties, system design, testing. The Center regularly works with ICC, HUD, and

state regulatory agencies to set acceptance criteria for building products. University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Triad Consulting Triad Consulting is a multi-dimensional company that has provided consulting services in research design, industry, grants, and publications. Mark A. Guadagnoli, Ph.D., is Senior Scientist

and President of Triad Consulting Inc. and full professor and Director of the Motor Behavior Laboratories at UNLV. Primary areas of study include motor learning, control, and human factors research. Tentative Timetable January 2007 - Retain research provider, pending NOMMA Board approval March 2007 - Produce findings

April 2007 - Create draft proposals based on findings June 2007 - Submit proposals to CTC for public hearing August 2007 - Submit proposals for the next code cycle. Thank you for your time.

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