Ninth Grade Orientation - Amazon Web Services

Ninth Grade Orientation - Amazon Web Services

Ninth Grade Orientation Lake Braddock Class of 2018 HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELORS 2014 - 2015 Dylan Hackbarth : Deb Brown: A-Buf Bug-Dom 703.426.1046 703.426.1047 Cathy Trenary:

Don- Ham 703.426.1056 Megan Cashman: Han-Kim, L 703.426.1055 Lynn Carrera: Kim,M-Martin,M [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

703.426.1054 [email protected] Ameen Jackson: Martin, N-Oro 703.426.1033 [email protected] Sam Ramatowski: Orp-Roj 703.426.1050 [email protected]

Gary Ranallo: Lynda Samek-Smith: Jacquie Naughton: (Transition) Rok-Swe Swf-Z 703.426.1051 703.426. 1053 703.426.1155 Ms. Judith Edwards 703.426.1192 Career Center Specialist Introduction of Career Center resources [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

[email protected] SUBSCHOOLS Each Subschool serves 9-12 graders. Subschools assigned by last names, as are counselors Subschool Subschool Subschool Subschool Handle

3: 4: 5: 6: (A-D) (E-K) (L-Q) (R-Z) Ms. Hampton Mr. Kelly Dr. Copeland Mr. Holland attendance, discipline and student needs/concerns. ROLE OF SCHOOL COUNSELOR Academic advisingcourse

selection, goal-setting, advocating for students College/Career AdvisingPost Secondary Planning - learning about colleges, careers, academic support, community agencies ROLE OF SCHOOL COUNSELOR Personal concernsissues with friends, family, teachers, individual and/or group counseling, consultation with parents, teachers, and other staff Examples: Needing assistance with bullying issues, family needs and/or communicating with your teacher WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HIGH SCHOOL AND MIDDLE SCHOOL?

There are no teams in high school You need to coordinate with your teacher when you are absent or miss an assignment Your grades are permanent You are responsible for managing your classes, as your teachers do not coordinate when tests or projects are given. Plan ahead. STUDENT KEYS TO SUCCESS Be on time for classes Homework habits

Use your student planner Get involved in extra-curricular activities Ask for help when you need help Surround yourself with friends who care about school Make good use of time TIPS FOR ACADEMIC SUCCESS Family definition on success Develop and maintain a strong work ethic. Set SMART short-term and longterm goals. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) MAINTAIN GOOD ATTENDANCE! STUDENT/TEACHER COMMUNICATION Self-Advocacy Students need to understand individual

teachers policies and procedures. Students are expected to take the initiative to approach the teacher when they need help. Students who are absent should see the teacher about missed assignments and check FCPS 24-7 Learning (BlackBoard). GETTING INVOLVED AT LBSS Sports & Clubs Meetings are announced on the daily announcements and posted throughout the school. Activity Hotline (703-827-7990) has the most current scheduling information. Sports Information: LBSS Website Club/Activity Information: LBSS Website

Many courses provide leadership and enrichment opportunities outside the classroom (Band, Drama, Choir, Debate, Peer Helping, SGA, etc.). Bruin Block Lesson #2 School Counselor Wednesday, Sept 17th Bruin Block: 9:08 9:58 AM Wednesday, Sept 24th Bruin Block: 9:08 -9:58 AM Mr. Hackbarth A-Buf Computer Lab

M223 Abdel -Azero Computer Lab M223 Bae-Buchapi Ms. Brown Bug-Dom Computer Lab M112 Burgee-Cochran Computer Lab M112 Cole-Dominick Ms. Trenary Don-Ham

Computer Lab M123 Donley-Fenjiro Computer Lab M123 Fernandez-Haller Ms. Cashman Han-Kim,L Computer Lab B122 Han-Jackson Computer Lab B122 Jenkins-Kim,J

Ms. Carrera Kim,M-Martin,M Computer Lab L126 Kim,M-Lestz Computer Lab L126 Leuck-Martin,J Mr. Jackson Martin,N-Oro Computer Lab B130 Marzano-Montiel Computer Lab B130

Montoro - Orozco Mr. Ramatowski Orp-Roj Computer Lab L130 Paksoy-Queener Computer Lab L130 Quigley-Rodriguez Mr. Ranallo Rok-Swe Career Center L102 Rosensteel-Sharman

Ms. Samek-Smith Swf-Z Computer Lab M242 Sylvia-Vo Career Center L102 Sheridan-Sullivan Computer lab M242 Voelkel-Zorin

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