NHS Portal v2 - download.microsoft.com

NHS Portal v2 - download.microsoft.com

NHS Resource Centre Presented by Tim Gee Healthcare Business Manager NHS Resource Centre: background The website first launched in September 2006

to honour three key NHS EWA deliverables: EA Benefits -Ensure wide distribution of the Home User Programme and Employee Purchase Programmes Training - Deliver free Office, SharePoint and InfoPath training online to all NHS staff NHS Information - Provide useful, relevant &

strategic information to NHS TDMs and BDMs Todays NHS Resource Centre Ongoing customer feedback resulted in a number of fundamental changes to the portal with a re-launch August 2007: Wider range of NHS Customer entering the Site! Creation of a community driven site based on .NET technology

utilising the latest Web 2.0 features The portal is a collaborative site that enables: Homepage customisation including personal avatars and RSS feeds The ability to add content (articles, comments, tips and events) The ability to create specific Groups A powerful internal search tool and tagging

Vital Statistics The site now attracts 38,000 unique users per month 120,000 page views per month Approximately 4500 registered members 4000 licences of Office purchased

monthly by NHS home users 5300 Newsletter subscribers 6000 E-Learning registrations NHS Resource Centre Functionality Homepage customisation: create a personalised view with your

RSS feeds, your recent articles and events and your tag cloud Benefit from a powerful Search tool and explore all tags Add your own RSS feeds Add your own content Subscribe to useful email alerts

NHS Resource Centre Functionality Most Popular feature: Groups Within groups you can start and participate in discussion forums The Process Modelling Community group was set up in conjunction with the NHS

Institute and NHS partners, TC Analyzer The group supports patient pathway deliverables Users can submit process models via the community and also download process models as part of the Process Modelling Library. The NHS Institute and TC Analyzer offer a free verification service that will confirm that process

models adhere to the notation used. Benefits: HUP & EPP To take advantage of both benefits all you need is an NHS email address HUP offers free Office 2007 or Office 2004 for Mac (maybe!) you only pay

for P&P (under 18) EPP offers discounts on games, hardware and a host of MS software plus up to 70% off Windows Vista upgrades Online Bookshop

NHS staff benefit: you need to be signed in to enter the bookshop 50% off all Microsoft Press titles Free postage and packaging on purchases over 16 Fast delivery and online support Books in Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint,

Vista, some Microsoft certification training books and many more NHS E-Learning Approximately 6000 NHS users have signed up for online training Staff train from work or home free!

Courses in Office 2003, InfoPath and SharePoint 2003 Brand NEW courses in Office 2007, Groove, SharePoint Services and Windows Vista launch at the beginning of next month

NHS E-Learning: functionality A personal dashboard gives easy access to all courses and keeps track of latest exercises completed Add courses to your personal training plan and track your progress Receive assigned courses from your Training

Manager Add comments to the exercises you have taken Coming soon: More training courses (NHS MAIL?) (MOSS &EXCHANGE Server) Self-assessments and printable certificates Next Steps Get Involved!

o Sign up free at www.microsoft/com/uk/nhs o Use any Windows Live ID to sign up, then register with your NHS email address when prompted o Sign up for the free eNewsletter for latest info & offers o Send feedback/questions to [email protected]

NHS Resource Centre Todays NHS Resource Centre Personalise your homepage

RSS feeds and Tag Clouds Add Content Groups and Discussion Forums Process Modelling Community

NHS Offers Online Bookshop NHS E-Learning

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