New Parent Information Night -

New Parent Information Night -

Howe Sound Secondary School Graduation Transitions My Graduating Year Whats Next? Tonights Agenda 1. Grad Transitions 2. Post-Secondary Applications 3. Scholarships Counsellors: Gina McCormick A L (last name) Cyndi Cunneyworth M - Z GRADUATION TRANSITIONS COURSE~4 credits Mandatory for graduation: 1. Personal Health - participate in at least 150 minutes per week of Daily Physical Activity (DPA) of moderate to vigorous physical activity, which may include PE 11 and/or PE 12.

2. Community Connections - participate in at least 30 hours of paid work experience and/or volunteer experience and describe what was learned. 3. Career and Life counsellors meeting with students individually or in small groups or electronically to discuss Grad Transitions and complete online survey. Upon completion of all 3 sections students will receive RM (requirements met) on their transcript. PSI- Post Secondary Information Sessions Students should be thinking about different institutions they might want to attend and courses/areas of study they wish to pursue. To help with this: UBC rep was here on Wednesday Sept 20th Post Secondary Institution Day (PSI Day) Friday Oct 13 th 13pm Recommended that EVERY grade 11/12 student attend. There will be two presentations and a mini-fair in the small gym. We encourage students/parents to attend Info sessions on campus BC Universities: Some are more competitive than others ~ GPA matters

` UBC Vancouver, Kelowna* SFU Burnaby* UVIC Victoria* CAP U- N. Van* VIU- Nanaimo* UNBC Prince George* TRU Kamloops* TWU Abbottsford

Quest University Squamish* Emily Carr University- Vancouver * Participating in our PSI event on Oct 13th BC Colleges and Institutes Langara College South Vancouver* Douglas College New Westminster* Camosun College Victoria Kwantlen Polytechnic University College Surrey* University College of the Fraser Valley Abbotsford

BCIT Vancouver Selkirk College- West Kootenay Vancouver Community College-Vancouver* there are many other schools throughout BC that offer academic studies * Participating in our PSI day on Oct 13th University Transfer- some of these colleges will offer the first two years of an Arts or Science degree. Entrance Requirements All major BC universities now have a broader based admission process and require an English 12 and 3 other approved academic grade 12 courses. Approved Academic courses at Howe Sound this year: Biology 12 Law 12 Physics 12 History 12 Chemistry 12 French 12

French Immersion12 Math 12 Pre-Calculus Geology 12 Math 12 Calculus Math 12 Foundations 12* BC First Nations 12 ICT Computer Programming 12* Writing 12* Psychology 12* Social Justice 12 * Accounting 12* Marketing 12* *Not accepted everywhere Program specific requirements can apply- always check institution website Admission Requirements- UBC Vancouver Very competitive admission process Bachelor of Science BSc Bachelor of Arts BA Language 11 ie: French 11 Language 11 ie: French 11

Physics 11 and Chemistry 11 Math 11 Pre-calculus Math: Pre-calculus 11 or Foundations 12 Math 12 Pre-calculus (67% min) English 12 (70% min) English 12 (70% min) At least one Science 12 Three approved Grade 12 courses

Biology , Physics, Chemistry Geology One other approved Grade 12 YOUR FINANCES: Tuition & Living Expenses 2017/18 A comparative outline of costs for first year Arts or Science - 2 terms Bachelor Degree = 4 yrs of full-time study to complete College Diploma = generally 2 years UBC Estimated Tuition Estimated Room + Board Estimated Study Resources (textbooks, supplies, fees) SFU LANGARA $5,000+ $6,750+ $3,420+ $10,000+ $9,600+

No residence $4,000+ $2,000+ $2,000+ Other Living Expenses TOTAL $ $19,000 $18,350 $5,320 Student Transcripts Service STS Grade 12 students must make a STS account to order and send transcripts to PSI. STEP 1: Go to the Ministry of Education Transcript and Certificate website at STEP 2: Register for a BC Government account, BCeID . STEP 3: Register for the STS. STEP 4: From the STS Dashboard make Post-Secondary Institution selections to have your marks and final transcript released to post-secondary schools. We recommend that parents choose a time to sit down with their student to help them create their BCeID and STS accounts. They will need their Provincial Education Number PEN (on every report card) Scholarships

Stay connected to the HSS counsellors website and daily announcements for scholarship opportunities @ Check your parents workplace for Student Scholarship Awards? i.e. BCGEU When applying to College or University check for scholarship. Entrance awards = GPA of A+ or higher (UBC Entrance Scholarship due Dec 1st) Local Scholarship-100+ for grade 12s. Information meeting in March. Counsellors Website m Resources- School Finder to help narrow down choices, also Education Planner, Discover BC Trades, Career Cruising, MyBluePrint Post-Secondary- links to admission requirements of most BC colleges and universities. Application information at

Grade 12- Important Grad Dates, Ministry Grad Planner, Financial Support links, Scholarships, Grad Transition Survey and PSI Selection Scholarships- local- last years forms and books will be updated in the second semester also (for Provincial Student Loans) (for Canada Student Loans) To Do List .. Grade 12s Parent help recommended Continue with your Career Search School Finder, MyBluePrint to help you explore your options. See

Be proactive ..attend info sessions. Ask questions?? Check specific admission requirements Attend Post Secondary (PSI) Visits: *PSI Day, Friday. Oct. 13th 1-3:15pm (see sign up) Begin application process to college/university STS consent open now to release Ministry transcript Gr.12 Grad Trans ongoing first semester Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries ongoing Beware Due dates are for real!

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