New Data Items for 2010 Changes - Public Health

New Data Items for 2010 Changes - Public Health

Required New Variables for C DC-NPCR CER Specialized Reg istry Meichin Hsieh, MSPH, CTR Data Manager Louisiana Tumor Registry LCRA Spring Conference April 14, 2011 CDC-NPCR Specialized Cancer Registry Background This project was funded as part of the A

merican Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Comparative Effectiveness Rese arch (CER) activities through the Center s for Disease Control (CDC). CDC-NPCR Specialized Cancer Registry C ontd Requirements High quality cancer registry Ability to enhance registry data Expand electronic reporting Ability to conduct CER Experienced in patterns of care and outc

omes studies Sustainability Objectives Describe new data items that need to be collected and sustained as a CDCNPCR specialized cancer registry Describe codes and coding guidelines Required New Variables Cases Diagnosed in 2011 and after

Variables required collection by CoC ho spitals Height Weight Tobacco use Source comorbidity Height and Weight Purpose Variables required when administ ering chemotherapy or other drug

s given Description Different tumors for the same pati ent may have different values Should be collected from source r ecords once for each cancer Height and Weight contd Code from medical record or phys ician office record sources includ es: Nursing interview guide

Flow chart Vital stats Height and Weight contd Coding instruction Height & Weight entered should be that listed at or around the time of diagnosis If no height and/or weight was listed wh en cancer was diagnosis, please use the height/weight recorded on the date clos est to the date of diagnosis, but before tr eatment was started

Height Coding Measured in inches (1 foot=12 inches) Entered as 2 digit numbers Code 98 for 98 inches or greater Code 99 for unknown height All inches values should be rounded to t he nearest whole number For example: 62.4 inches would be 62 and 6

2.5 inches would be 63 inches Height contd: Examples: 1 foot = 12 inches Height Inches Code 4 48

48 56 66 66 60 72

72 82 98 98 Unknown 99 Weight

Coding Measured in pounds (1 kg=2.2 pounds) Entered as 3 digit numbers Code 999 for unknown weight All pounds values should be rounded to t he nearest whole number Ex: 155.5 pounds would be 156 pounds If patients weight less than 100 pounds r

ecord weight with leading zero Ex: Record 98 pounds as 098 Weight contd: Examples: 1 kg = 2.2 pounds Kg Pounds Code

36 79.2 079 75 165 165 88

193.6 194 Unknown Unknown 99 Tobacco Use Variables Cigarette

Other smoking products Pipes, cigars, kreteks (made with a bl end of tobacco, cloves and other flavo rs) Smokeless tobacco products Chewing tobacco, snuff, etc. Tobacco NOS Tobacco Use contd Purpose

A risk factor that is associated with seve ral cancer (e.g. lung, oral cavity, pharyn x, larynx, esophagus, bladder, .) Description Records the patients past or current us e of tobacco Tobacco Use contd Code from medical record or physici

an office record sources includes: Nursing interview guide Flow chart Nursing assessment section Vital stats Others: H&P Tobacco Use contd Coding schema 0 Never used 1 Current user (as of date of diagnosis) 2 Former user, quit within one year of the date of diagnosis

3 Former user, quit more than one year pri or to the date diagnosis 4 Former user, unknown when quit 9 Unknown/not stated/no smoking specific s provided Tobacco Use contd If only No documented in medical recor d then code 9. DO NOT code it to 0 (Never used). If None documented in medical record t

hen code 0 (Never used) Source Comorbidity Purpose Tracts the sources of obtaining comorbi dity information Description Record the data source from which com orbidities/complications were collected

Source Comorbidity contd Coding schema 0 No comorbid condition or complication identified/Not Applicable 1 Collected from facility face sheet 2 Linkage to facility/hospital discharge dat a set 3 Linkage to Medicare/Medicaid data set 4 Linkage with another claims data set 5 Combination of two or more sources abo ve Source Comorbidity contd

CoC hospitals use only codes 0, 1 or 9 Codes 2 to 5 will be coded only at ce ntral registry Thank you! Contact information: Meichin Hsieh E-mail: [email protected] Phone: (504) 568-5850

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