Navistar Parts Purchasing VSM

Navistar Parts Purchasing VSM

NORTH AMERICA TRUCK GROUP 5 Why Process/Guidelines SCIS Team 1 CONFIDENTIAL and Proprietary to Navistar Contents NORTH AMERICA TRUCK GROUP Supplier Expectation Definition 5 Why process Corrective Action Form/Document 3 Legged 5 Why 2 Public CONFIDENTIAL and Proprietary to Navistar Expectations NORTH AMERICA TRUCK GROUP Suppliers are expected to be aware of all EDI demand requirements and any potential risk to assuring that those demands are met. Any identified risks are to be immediately communicated to your plant material representatives. When problems arise, suppliers are expected to contain the problem and response rapidly with permanent corrective action on non conforming deliveries Suppliers are responsible for coordinating the appropriate activities to identify and communicate material delivery risks, present containment recovery/action plans, and communicate to appropriate parties when the activity is complete Suppliers are expected to take ownership of the process, lead root cause investigations, and report on a timely basis as required by the assigned Navistar representatives. Information on the 5Why format and process follows, but suppliers are expected to obtain further training on the 5 Why methodology if needed The official document to be used is the 3 legged 5 Why. Summary reports or supplier internal formats will not be accepted 3 Public CONFIDENTIAL and Proprietary to Navistar 5 Why process - Definition NORTH AMERICA TRUCK GROUP

The 5 Why process is a tool to push thinking about a potential cause down to the root level. Often stated to find the disease and not the symptom It is a simple process that asks why an event (missed POA/point of application shortage or other noncompliance) occurred enough times to get to a root cause. The number 5 is not rigid, but asking why enough times to get to a root cause is required Each subsequent why should ask why to the preceding statement. Starting at the bottom of the 5 whys and stating therefore to each of the preceding whys will maintain constant flow and assist in root cause determination Each root cause should have a countermeasure(s) attached Multiple 5Whys may be required for different attributes to properly define the problem Example: Problem statement: Material (part number) impacted POA (point of application) at plant (x) on (date) Why? Part did not ship in time to customer Why? Production of part did not meet due date Why? Equipment experienced down time Why? Preventative Maintenance was not done Why? Equipment was not on PM Schedule 4 Public CONFIDENTIAL and Proprietary to Navistar 5 Why Process - Corrective Action NORTH AMERICA TRUCK GROUP It is often stated that the difficult part of the 5Y process is the root cause identification. If the correct root cause is identified then the solution can often be a logical conclusion Acceptance of a corrective action is if it prevents reoccurrence Training is NOT a corrective action. Personnel can leave and the same risk of occurrence remains. The best corrective action pokeyokes or error proofs the process to prevent reoccurrence A corrective action should also be institutionalized. If the problem existed with one part number, or one piece of equipment, etc., does the corrective action look at all processes that may exhibit the same condition 5 Public CONFIDENTIAL and Proprietary to Navistar 5Why document page 1 NORTH AMERICA TRUCK GROUP Material Delivery Problem Solving Ticket#: Initiator to fill out top (grey) portion. Date: Initiated by: Assigned to: Part #:

Part Name: Model #: Line Set #: SN#: POA Dept.(Where made): Problem Statement: What is wrong with What? When? Where? How Many? Who Found? - Be Specific What Station: Is this a repeat issue:? Yes No Problem Analysis Steps: Answer 25 questions below and utilize 5why form on back as needed. 1 Yes Process: (Man/Method) No Comment *Comment Required if is checked The supplier is required to complete this page, with Navistar support as necessary. The header information will all be sent on the email request defining POA (point of application) occurrence data Does a Work Instructio n clearly and accurately define the process steps needed to produce a quality product? 1 Is there a formal documented training program to assure al l employees performing this operation are properly trai ned Were the operators properly trained in their required Work Instruction for this is sue? 2 3 4 Were the work instructions foll owed? 5

Does the process include error proofin g? 6 Would the operator know if a defect occurs? 7 Is current manpower capacity availabl e to meet forecasted requirements? 8 Was ASN s ent in compliance with shipment? 9 Was the plant notified immediately upon identification of risk 10 Were the parts picked up under the normal shipping schedule? 11 Was material properly reported during and at completion of the proces s? 12 Are you as a s upplier properly set up on EDI? 13 Did EDI match plant line set schedule needs? 14 Did parts ship/arrive accordi ng to required EDI date? 15 Is current machine/tool capaci ty available to meet forecasted requirements ? 16 Was there any equipment down time that impacted availability of supply? 17 Is there a defined Preventative Maintenance system in place to assure equipment rel iability? 18 Was the supply contract new or recently changed? 19 Did the part in questions recently have an engineering change/Production

Break Activity within the past 60 days? 20 If an Engineering change or new release, was there supplier readiness? 21 Does Containerization/Packagi ng match system specific atio ns? 22 Is there an established standard pack quantity and was it met? 23 Was there a recent inventory adjustment on part in questio n? 24 Were all shipping requirements compliant (labels, identific atio n, count, etc.) 25 Have Tier 2 suppliers provided documented confir matio n of adequate capacity to meet forecasted demands? 2 3 Any check circle in red needs to be filled in and then a statement to that step listed under comments Tools/Systems: (Machine) The bottom of the form also needs to be completed before acceptance Packaging/Inventory: (Material) Actions are required if a red octagon is a true contributor to the problem statement. The 5 why process on the reverse side can be utilized both to determine the contributors to the problem statement and/or to identify next level root causes of the "red octagon" issues. Actions Item# Containment Actions Containment Date / Clean Line set or SN Interim or Permanent Corrective Actions (note ICA or PCA) ICA or PCA Date / Clean Line set or SN

Responsible Note: There may be some redundancy between this page and page 2. This is by design to assure we are getting to a root cause of the problem Notes: 1-Return the completed worksheet to the initiator. 2-Submit 5Y with completed worksheet if applicable 3-Record retention is not required. 6 Public CONFIDENTIAL and Proprietary to Navistar 5Why document page 2 NORTH AMERICA TRUCK GROUP This is the essence of the process. Root Cause 3 Legged 5 Why (Modified) Date : Problem Definition G8D Number: Specific Problem By : Why was this non-conformance created? Corrective Action Owner Date Why did this problem reach the customer? Corrective Action Owner Date Why did our system allow this to occur? Corrective Action Owner Date 1 - WHY? 2 - WHY? 3 - WHY?

4 - WHY? 5 - WHY? Detection 1 - WHY? 2 - WHY? 3 - WHY? 4 - WHY? 5 - WHY? Systemic 1 - WHY? Note: The 5Y process is broken down into three sections Why was non conformance created (Specific Problem) Why did it reach the customer (Detection) Why did the system (process) allow this to happen. (Systemic) Each section needs a corrective action owner and date 2 - WHY? 3 - WHY? 4 - WHY? 5 - WHY? Note: Do not confuse containment with corrective action. This action should prevent reoccurrence NOTE: Systemic 5 Why is not required for initial shop floor problem solving but may be required for a full 8D. Lessons learned 1 2 3 7 Public CONFIDENTIAL and Proprietary to Navistar 5Why document page 3 NORTH AMERICA TRUCK GROUP Task #: Status:

Issue: Identified by: Interim Countermeasure Implemented Description (mm/dd/yy) Permanent Countermeasure Implemented Description (mm/dd/yy) Assigned to: Due: Closed: (mm/dd/yy) (mm/dd/yy) This counter measure page must be completed in order to accept the submission The status column must reflect the clock . This is a requirement and future corrective actions will be followed up with to assure compliance Status Legend Responsibility Assigned Action Plan Developed Implementation / Follow-up Closed 8 Public CONFIDENTIAL and Proprietary to Navistar

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