NASSP Centennial Strategic Planning, 2013-2016 Overview

NASSP Centennial Strategic Planning, 2013-2016 Overview

Principal Supervision and Support Hosted By: John Nori Associate Director of Program Development, NASSP A few details Technical problems: Call Rich 703-860-7259 or text to 571-921-0715 Use hashtag #nasspwebinar @NASSP Twitter: @NASSP #nasspwebinar Follow NASSP: Website: Principal Supervision and Support Todays Presenter: Ann B. Clark

Deputy Superintendent Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (NC) Wallace PPI Initiative COMPONENTS 1. Leader standards, to which CMS aligns job descriptions, training, hiring requirements, evaluations, and professional development 2. High-quality training, including recruitment, selective admissions and pre-service experiences aligned with expectations for school leaders 3. Selective hiring of the most qualified applicants, and placement based on a match between the candidate and the school

I. IV. Leader Evaluation/ Support Standards III. Selective Hiring II. PreService Training

4. On-the-job evaluation and support: evaluation that addresses the capacity to improve teaching and learning, and support that includes mentoring and professional development addressing the needs that evaluation has identified The fifth component, Alignment, capacity and quality assurance, addresses integration of the four components above so as to create a coherent and highly effective system of principal development and support Leader Standards Principal Preparation PARTNER PROGRAMS CMS has formed partnership with 4 local universities to provide effective training for

aspiring school leaders: Leaders for Tomorrow, Winthrop University, 2-Year Program, MA Ed Leadership, develops leaders for various settings, and target cohort size is 20-25 School Executive Leadership Academy, Queens University, 14-Month Program, credits towards MBA, MSA, or MS in OD, develops leaders for various settings, and target cohort size is 15 Aspiring High School Principals Program, UNC-Charlotte, 2-Year/1-Year/5-Week, MA Ed Leadership, develops leaders for high school, and target cohort size is 15 Educational Leadership Program, Wingate University, 3-Year/1-Year, MA Ed Leadership, develops leaders for various settings, and target cohort size is 15 In order to apply to these programs, you must be nominated by your principal. The

nomination window will open in early fall 2014. The district is involved in internship and residency placement for all programs. Selective Hiring All candidates for principal/AP positions must go through a centralized rigorous screening and section process to be placed be in the talent pool Process designed by community superintendents based on identified competencies, skills and beliefs

Centralized process: Application and virtual interview followed by activities including role play, in basket exercise, school data review and teacher observation School based process: Recommendation from community superintendent based on input from school selection committee; final decision from superintendent CMS Principal Induction Capstone Project 360 Feedback r5 a

Ye ar e Y 4 ar e Y 3

s Yr 1& 2 CMS AP Induction FIRST YEAR APs: Monthly meetings led by ED and/or Development Teams SECOND YEAR APs: AP Academy at Queens University 6-day program at Queens University to support APs as they develop an understanding of leadership and develop their own leadership philosophy

SAM Data Collection Opportunity to shadow a principal for 2 days to gain perspective on the day-to-day role of principal and experience how other schools and/or grade levels operate Leader Tracking System LTS Vision The LTS will enable and support data-driven decision making throughout multiple components of our principal pipeline: pre-service training, selective hiring, on-the-job support, and evaluation. Strategic Plan Alignment The LTS aligns with Strategic Plan 2018 in the following areas: Goal 2: Recruit, develop, retain and reward a premier workforce

Goal 5: Optimize district performance and accountability by strengthening data use, processes and systems LTS Will Not Replace MyAPP or be used as a system directly linked to the hiring process. Principal Supervisor Focus Redefined the job description for principal supervisor Reduced ratio of principal supervisor: principal ratio Added 3 new principal supervisors for 2014-2015 Provided tailored executive coaching for principal supervisors through Queens University Provided instructional monitoring training through The

New Teacher Project Schedule weekly meetings with principal supervisors Next Steps As we move forward, we will continue to focus on strengthening our internal capacity to build strong principals and a sustainable initiative. Evaluate impact of principal preparation and induction programs Improve recruiting, selection and hiring processes Collaborate with other district initiatives (i.e. Project Lift, Success by Design, Beacon, etc.) Leverage LTS to strengthen the districts ability to use data to inform decisions

Continue to reduce the principal supervisor: principal ratio The Wallace Foundation Recommended Reading Rethinking Leadership: The Changing Role of Principal Supervisors (2013) actice/Documents/Rethinking-Leadership-The-Changing-Role-of-Principal-Supervisors.pdf The School Principal as Leader: Guiding Schools to Better Teaching and Learning (2013) p/effective-principal-leadership/Documents/The-School-Principal-asLeader-Guiding-Schools-to-Better-Teaching-and-Learning-2nd-Ed.p df

Districts Matter: Cultivating the Principals Urban School Needs (2013) olicy-and-practice/Documents/Districts-Matter-Cultivating-the-Principals-UrbanSchools-Need.pdf Stories from the Field: Making Room for the Principal Supervisors (2013) nter/school-leadership/district-policy-and-practic e/Documents/Make-Room-for-the-Principal-Sup ervisors.pdf NASSP invites you to join us in

San Diego, CA Feb. 19-21, 2015

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