Nano Server: The Future of Windows Server Starts Now

Nano Server: The Future of Windows Server Starts Now

Spark the future. May 4 8, 2015 Chicago, IL BRK2461 Nano Server: The Future of Windows Server Andrew Mason Jeffrey SnoverStarts Now Distinguished Engineer Principal PM Manager Agenda

What we hear from customers Our Journey Nano Server Preliminary Results Status and Roadmap Call to Action/Go Dos Voice of the Customer Reboots impact my business Why do I have to reboot because of a patch to a component I never use? When a reboot is required, the systems need to be back in service ASAP Server images are too big Large images take a long time to install and configure Transferring images consumes too much network bandwidth Storing images requires too much disk space

Infrastructure requires too many resources Security Impact I want just the components I need and nothing more Our Server Journey* Server Roles/Features GUI Shell Windows/ WindowsNT

Full Server Server Core Windows NT to Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 * Admin GUIs on servers are poison Minimal Server Interface Server Core Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Our Cloud Journey

Azure Patches and reboots interrupt service delivery (*VERY large # of servers) * (large OS resource consumption) => COGS Provisioning large host images competes for network resources Cloud Platform System (CPS) Cloud-in-box running on 1-4 racks using System Center & Windows Server Setup time needs to be shortened Patches and reboots result in service disruption Fully loaded CPS would live migrate > 16TB for every host OS patch Network capacity could have otherwise gone to business uses Reboots: Compute host ~2 minutes / Storage host ~5 minutes We need server configuration optimized for the cloud

Nano Server - Next Step in Our Cloud Journey A new headless, 64-bit only, deployment option for Windows Server Deep refactoring focused on Basic Client Experience CloudOS infrastructure Born-in-the-cloud applications Follow the Server Core pattern Nano Server Server with Local Admin Tools Server Core

Nano Server - Roles & Features Zero-footprint model Server Roles and Optional Features live outside of Nano Server Standalone packages that install like applications Key Roles & Features Hyper-V, Storage (SoFS), and Clustering Core CLR, ASP.NET 5 & PaaS Full Windows Server driver support Antimalware Built-in System Center and Apps Insight agents to follow Nano Server Nano Server - Management Eliminating the need to ever sit in front of a

server Configuration via PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) Remote management/automation via Core PowerShell and WMI Integrate into DevOps toolchains Thursday 1:30 Remotely Managing Nano Nano Server - Core PowerShell Refactored to run on CoreCLR Full PowerShell language compatibility & remoting Invoke-Command, New-PSSession, Enter-PSSession, etc. Most core engine components Support for all cmdlet types: C#, Script, and CIM Limited set of cmdlets initially

Core PowerShell Remote Server Management Tools Web-based Includes replacements for local-only tools Task Manager Registry Editor Event Viewer Device Manager

Sconfig ---------------------------Control Panel File Explorer Performance Monitor Disk Management Users/Groups Manager Also manages Server Core and Server with GUI Remote Server Management Tools Nano Server - Cloud Application platform Born-in-the-cloud application support Subset of Win32 CoreCLR, PaaS, and ASP.NET 5 Available everywhere

Host OS for physical hardware Guest OS in a VM Windows Server containers Hyper-V containers Future additions PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) & PackageManagement Additional Roles and Application Frameworks Server Application Development Deep refactoring Client stack for RDS Developers target Server or Nano Server Deploy to Physical, Virtual or Containers

Remote Desktop Server Local Admin Tools Client (aka Server w/a GUI) (Aka Full Server) Server Nano Server Physical, Virtual, Containers Nano Server - Developer Experience Windows SDK & Visual Studio 2015 target Nano Server Download tooling from the VS gallery

Rich design-time experience Project template, full IntelliSense, error squiggles, etc. Full remote debugging experience Reverse Forwarders A missing DLL will result in an app failing to run Provide a way to run existing apps without recompiling for Nano Server With Reverse Forwarders your apps will load and API calls in those DLLs will either result in API call will succeeding if the API is in the Nano Server boundary Return of Not Implemented if it is not within the Nano Server boundary Does not eliminate the need to refactor

code to what is available in Nano Server Reverse Forwarders (cont.) Optional package that can be included in a Nano Server image when needed Available reverse forwarders include: advapi32.dll comctl32.dll comdlg32.dll gdi32.dll kernel32.dll ole32.dll

psapi.dll shell32.dll shlwapi.dll user32.dll version.dll winmm.dll What runs today with the Reverse Chef Forwarders?

PHP Nginx Python 3.5 Node.js GO Redis MySQL OpenSSL Java (OpenJDK) Ruby (2.1.5) SQLite DevOps with Nano

Server using Chef Preliminary Results Servicing Improvements* Critical Bulletins Important Bulletins 23 25 30 26 25 23

Number of Reboots 12 11 10 20 8 20 15 10 10 6 6

15 8 9 5 5 4 3 2 2 0 0 0

Nano Server Full Server Server Core Nano Server Full Server Server Core Nano Server Full Server * Analysis based on all patches released in 2014 Server Core Security Improvements Services running Drivers loaded

98 100 80 46 50 120 45 25 35 30 25 60 40

31 35 30 40 73 Ports open 20 22 20 15 15

10 12 10 20 5 5 0 0 Nano Server Server Core 0 Nano Server

Server Core Nano Server Server Core Resource Utilization Improvements Boot IO (MB) Process Count 30 25 26 300 255 160

139 140 250 21 Kernel memory in use (MB) 120 20 200 15 150 100

150 80 60 100 10 61 40 5 50 0 0 Nano Server

Server Core 20 0 Nano Server Server Core Nano Server Server Core Deployment Improvements Setup Time (sec) 350 300 300

6.3 7 6 4.84 5 250 VHD Size (GB) Disk Footprint (GB) 6 5 4 4

200 3 3 150 2 100 50 40 1 2 1 .4 0

0 Nano Server Server Core .41 0 Nano Server Server Core Nano Server Server Core Nano Server in Windows Server vNext An installation option, like Server Core Not listed in Setup because image must be

customized with drivers Separate folder on the Windows Server media Available in the Windows Server Technical Preview 2 released this week Installing Drivers For the leanest image, install just the drivers your hardware requires Dism /Add-Driver /driver: Nano Server includes a package of all drivers in Server Core Dism /Add-Package /PackagePath:.\packages\Microsoft-NanoServer- To run Nano Server as a VM install Dism /Add-Package /PackagePath:.\packagesMicrosoft-NanoServer- Installing Roles and Features Nano Server folder has a Packages sub- folder Dism /Add-Package /PackagePath:.\ packages\ Dism /Add-Package /PackagePath:.\ packages\en-us\ Installing Agents and Tools on Nano Server No MSI support in Nano Server

Current builds of Nano Server require xcopy or custom PowerShell script Nano Server Installer in the works, which will provide Install Uninstall Inventory Online and offline installation support Deploying Nano Server Generate a VHD from NanoServer.wim Download Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 from the Script Center: https:// Run Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 -Sourcepath -VHD VHDformat VHD -Edition 1. Dism /Apply-Image Roadmap Nano Server is the future nucleus of Windows Server Target for cloud components and Born-in-the-Cloud applications New foundation for all components Provides a Just Enough OS model for all applications Not everything will run on Nano Server Server Core provides compatibility for existing Enterprise applications Born-in-the-Cloud applications Nano Server

Existing Enterprise Applications Server Core Physical, Virtual, Containers Call to Action/Go Dos Shift your org and tools to full remote management of Server Core Inventory tools and agents that only run locally Check with your ISV for a remotable version Send list of those with no remote equivalent and ISV to [email protected] Deploy Nano Server, your apps, and your tools Deployment guide at: https:// Give use feedback and let us know where you encounter difficulties: Remote Management feedback Learn more with FREE IT Pro Resources Expand your Modern Infrastructure Knowledge Free technical training resources: On-demand online training:

Free ebooks: Deploying Hyper-V with Software-Defined Storage & Networking: Microsoft System Center: Integrated Cloud Platform: Get hands-on: Free virtual labs: Microsoft Virtualization with Windows Server and System Center: Windows Azure Pack: Install and Configure: Join the IT Pro community: Twitter @MS_ITPro Please evaluate this session Your feedback is important to us!

Visit Myignite at or download and use the Ignite Mobile 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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