Multipurpose Weed Removal Tool Prof.Dr.M.lakshman Rao ...

Multipurpose Weed Removal Tool Prof.Dr.M.lakshman Rao ...

Multipurpose Weed Removal Tool Prof.Dr.M.lakshman Rao Principal Prakasam Engineering College ,kandukur A.P.,523105 Affiliated to JNTU Kakinada Abstract: Around the Globe every sector except agricultural sector by producing heart touching outcomes in all respects including

Highly affordable and competitive price, crossing the expectations of customers in Quality, Durability of the product, Serving the purposes of end user and providing after sales service stands as a standing example for unimaginary advancements that are happening at a faster rate in the Technology. But much to our knowledge a sea of changes we cannot

acknowledge in agricultural sector. The reasons one can attribute for low productivity are low utilisation of state of the art technology available in the market and unawareness of farmers. Hence I have designed and fabricated the weed removal tool with mechanical advantage. Farmers are

utilising this tool in their fields successfully. In India, after witnessing so many developments in every field, still we are depending a lot on conventional and traditional farming which includes alarming levels of man power utilisation, thus leads to ill health and high costs. To overcome the above mentioned menaces, we have developed a farmer friendly Tool with low cost called Multipurpose Weed

Removal Tool. It Reduces Maintenance cost of Farm Fields, Reduces Labour Cost, and Removes weed. Tool is Portable, Easy to Carry and Handle, Low Price, Affordability by weaker section of farmers, Eco-friendly, Economical in weed removal, planting vegetables leafs and Tilting the soil. House holders can use for their home crafts. Design principle: The weed removal tool is designed on

the basis of Mechanical Advantage formula M=F *L , M=Moment F=Force, L= Length small effort more work Fabrication: Two feet 1.5 inch pipe horizontal. 3 feet 1.5 inch vertical pipe joined together with arc welding . Four rods with sharp edges with semi circle shape welded under the 3 feet rod .Cost of the tool is 500 rupees.

Advantages Multipurpose weed removal tool is indigenously designed and developed to suit world farming in general, and Indian farming in particular. It is handy for small and medium range farmers in all cultivation related activities. In proper conditions, a single person with this tool

can cover 1 to 2 acres in a day while discharging any one of the above mentioned cultivation work. In case of any problem with the tool , it can easily be repaired on the field or off the field, and a single person irrespective of gender can carry this tool on shoulder. The Main purpose of this tool is removing the weed tilting the soil and planting the vegetables etc.,

Conclusions: Small effort more work has been proved with the Tool Cost is less Framers are using in thier fields Tool can be helpful for home made cultivation Rural vs Urban people can utilize this tool

Acknowledgements This Tool is fabricated by Dr.M.Lakshman Rao Principle, Dept of Mechanical Engg, Prakasam engg college kandukur. Special thanks to sri veerabhadra rao garu for his encouragement in the development of the tool. References

S.S.Bhavakatti Engineering Mechanics New age international ltd Edition 2013 Raghavan Material science New age international ltd Edition 2010 www. Agriculture in Developed tool with pouring fertilizer,

water through funnel 29/10/2014 Andhra jyothi daily telugu news paper Thanking you

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