MTSS District Coaches Network

MTSS District Coaches Network

MTSS District Coaches Network March 22, 2013 Lea McAllister Marianne Srock The Circles of Our World Environment Curriculum Environment

Instruction Assessment Environment CONCERNS On a post-it note, write concerns that you have in the areas of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Place postit note on the corresponding poster

Assessment Assessment Assessment Universal Screeners Progress Monitoring Star Math Successmaker Dream Box Carnegie Learning Michigan Virtual

E2020 Formative Assessment Math Reasoning Inventory Online formative assessment tool 3 areas: whole numbers, decimals, and fractions 2 parts: interview & written computation Available free of charge to all teachers Assessment Common District Assessments

Test Structure Are we testing what we need to be testing? Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium A Balanced System Overall Claims for Mathematics Summative Assessment Each claim is a summary statement about the knowledge and skill students will be expected to demonstrate on the assessment related to a particular aspect of the CCSS for mathematics.

Overall Claim for Grades 3-8 Overall Claim for Grade 11 Student-level score with scaling properties that allow for the valid determination of student growth over time. It will be a weighted composite of the four claims. Claims for Mathematics Summative Assessment Claim 1: Concepts and

Procedures, 40% Claim 2: Problem Solving 20% Claim 3: Communicating Reasoning 20% Claim 4: Data Analysis and Modeling 20% Item Types

I. Selected Response (SR): Used primarily for Claim 1 and administered via computer adaptive testing (CAT) II. Multiple Choice (a) Technology Enhanced Constructed Response Tasks (TE/CR): Used primarily for Claims 2-4 and administered via CAT

II. Complex tasks that are structured as a sequence of short constructed response items Tasks require longer chains of reasoning (b) Extended Response Constructed Response Tasks (ER/CR): Used primarily for Claims 2-4 and administered in the classroom (not necessarily exclusive of all technology)

III. Tasks require longer chains of reasoning and call for extended written answers Scoring rubric provided Performance Tasks (PT): Used primarily for Claim 4 and administered in the classroom (not necessarily exclusive of all technology) I. May require more than one instructional period

May incorporate pre-work in small groups Scoring rubric provided Assessing the Common Core Across States What we think we know The SMARTER Balanced proposal suggests that there will be a constellation of assessments for grades 3-11 including: a) Adaptive comprehensive summative assessment that includes:

22% selected-response 41% technology-enhanced constructed-response 14% traditional constructed response 23% performance b) Adaptive interim/benchmarks based on learning progressions and or CCSS content clusters that calls for performance event bank and non-secure pool of items c) Formative assessment tools, processes and practices that call for a variety of lesson embedded tools for different purposes.

This is a preliminary blueprint of the assessment. Will be informed and revised base on pilot testing. 12

Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum Are you currently using an NSF (National Science Foundation) Textbook? Are you currently using a textbook? Is your textbook your curriculum? Have you aligned your textbook with the CCSS? National Council of Supervisors of

Mathematics Curriculum Analysis Tool Position Paper on Math Specialists at the elementary level Mathematics Standards Standards for Content Standards for Practice Greater balance of concept and skill development Greater access for all students

New focus on Mathematical Modeling Problem Solving Reasoning 16 Common Core State Standards MAISA Units The goal of the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) is to provide support and direction for educators as they move toward full implementation: CCSS are organized into an aligned

curriculum of coherent units of study. The resources are particularly designed to highlight needed shifts in content related and pedagogical practices. Unit Template Highlight Lesson Formative Assessment Resources (video, sample student work, rubrics, instructional websites, etc.) Atlas Curriculum Mapping Units, Highlight Lessons, Formative Assessments

and other resources available in Atlas by Rubicon 18 Online CCSS Curriculum Resources Units of Study Lesson resources Assessment resources Professional resources

Video Sample student work And more 19 Common Core State Mathematical Practice Standards 1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. 2.

Reason abstractly and quantitatively. 3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. 4. Model with mathematics. 5.

Use appropriate tools strategically. 6. Attend to precision. 7. Look for and make use of structure. 8.

Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. 20 Grouping the Practices William McCallum Standards for Mathematical Practice Tucson, April 2011 Reasoning and

explaining Modeling and Using tools Seeing structure and generalizing 21 The Standards for Mathematical Practice What are the verbs that illustrate the student actions for your assigned

mathematical practice? Circle, highlight or underline them for your assigned practice 22 The Standards for Mathematical Practice #1: Explain and make conjectures #2: Make sense of #3: Understand and use #4: Apply and interpret #5: Consider and detect

#6: Communicate precisely to others #7: Discern and recognize #8: Notice and pay attention to 23 Lets Take a Closer Look at Teacher Practice d-grade-mental-math What evidence do you notice of Math Practices in this video? INSTRUCTION

Instruction Fact Fluency What does the research say? Are strategies being addressed..? MISD Support Check Course Where on the MISD website for offerings this summer: EMATHS Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry; Developing Number Sense in Grades K-2 After school courses for elementary teachers,

available in district, on the topics of measurement, whole number operations, and fractions Questions Lea McAllister [email protected] Marianne Srock [email protected]

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