Ms. Champagne ROOM F-203

Ms. Champagne ROOM F-203

Honors English 10 Mr. Dahlke (808) 313-3679 [email protected] What is this class? Honors English 10: A rigorous class designed to give you the skills to succeed in reading, writing, and oral communication, with the goal of preparing you for

Who Am I? Make Good Choices for your Learning Be in your assigned seat ready to work when the tardy bell rings Bring ALL books and materials to class

Always give your best effort Bags on the floor / counter Use class time efficiently Follow the EUP Avoid plagiarism Use Respectful Language

Some words are not appropriate in the classroom! School is training for the job force. And some words will get you FIRED later in life. Offensive Words: S***, F***, A***, B****, etc. 1st Offense: Warning 2nd Offense: Detention Respect for our Classroom: Do not throw ANYTHING at

ANY TIME! Safety Issue! Immediate Wiki/ Lunch detention (No Warning) Show Respect to You may haveProperty drinks in class that have a cap Wipe moisture rings off the desk / use a

coaster No food should be consumed in class Eat during your breaks, Wiki, and lunch Absolutely NO GUM chewing in class First offense is a warning Any time thereafter you will scrape gum off floors/desks during detention Writing graffiti on desks is an automatic cleaning detention TAKE SPECIAL CARE WITH

Showing Respect Rewards for good work and behavior: Bonus points School supplies NOT Showing Respect Warning and documentati on Parental

contact Detention Referral Severe Clause Anyone student who fights, damages school property (teacher and other student property included), or is overtly

disrespectful as defined by the teacher will be What do I need? Materials: -Binder & paper -Blue/Black Pen -Post-it Notes -Highlighter -Positive Attitude

What Will We Be Doing this Year Textbook = Springboard This textbook explores world literature and cultures. We will be reading various texts, and performing various types of writing associated with culture. Books The Good Earth The Metamorphosis

Things Fall Apart Kite Runner What Will We Be Doing this Year Integrated argumentative research paper In 3rd quarter, along with your World History class, you will be researching and writing about a

topic concerning world history/culture. Depending on your World History course, expectations for the paper might not perfectly align. You might be required to perform additional How Will You be Graded? *Students who have an I at the end of a quarter will be given 1 week to bring their grade up to a C. Otherwise, the grade will revert

to an F. *There will be no extension given for the 4th quarter. Students who have an I must work in-class on the make-up day ( May 26). Percentage Scale 90 100 A 80 89 B 70 79 C 60 69 I* 0 59 F

Grading Breakdown Daily Work, Homework, Participation, Quizzes = 50% Tests, Projects, Papers = 50% If you are missing any tests, projects, or papers, your quarter grade will be incomplete (I) until those assignments are

Getting Your Attention I will: Stand in front of the class Raise my hand Wait for everyone to be quiet Raise your hand, also. Begin speaking Getting My Attention

You Will: Raise your hand Speak my Name - Mr. Dahlke Wait until I respond to you Do Not: Mob the teacher at the beginning of class Class time is not the appropriate time to get Bathroom Use

Do your business during your breaks! Bathroom breaks are permitted for emergencies only. If you go out for an emergency break, EUP is still in effect. DO NOT take an emergency bathroom break to use your phone. Classroom Dismissal The teacher dismisses

you NOT the bell. DO NOT start packing up before the bell. DO NOT get out of your seat and wait by the door. Wait until I dismiss you. Ensure your immediate area is cleaned up. Push in chair. If end of day, put up

Tips for a Successful Year! Persistence often pays off. Everyone has the potential to be GREAT! You get out of life what you put in. Communicate your needs. Organization is KEY!

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