MN-CMS Interfaces - eHealth Ireland

MN-CMS Interfaces - eHealth Ireland

P P Maternal & Newborn Clinical Management System (MN-CMS) Healthlink ANV & DS Messaging Delivering eHealth Ireland Office of the Chief Information Officer MN-CMS Interfaces & Integration PAS Obstetrics LAB Allied Health MN-CMS Healthlink Ultrasound Medical Devices NICU MEDS Anaesthesia Orders & Results

2 Healthlink Messaging A requirement was identified for the electronic exchange of information between GPs and Hospital Maternity Services Healthlink is the message broker used to exchange this data Phase 1 Scope scheduled bidirectional antenatal visits & unilateral mother/baby discharge summaries Does not replace urgent communications between GP / Hospital Data set agreed by the clinical stakeholders Interfaced with accredited GP practice software vendors only and must be registered as a Healthlink user 3

Antenatal Visit Message First visit from each pregnancy must be sent from the Hospital Message generated at each Antenatal Visit subsequently, both Hospital & GP Last Menstrual Period Agreed/Final Expected Date of Delivery Agreed EDD Method Gravida Parity Fundal height Body weight Body Mass Index (BMI) Systolic blood pressure Diastolic blood pressure Oedema

Proteinuria Urinalysis Haemoglobin Foetal activity Foetal heart Number of foetuses Uterine contractions Foetal presentation Foetal engagement Medication details Clinical note Date of next visit at this setting 4 Discharge Summary Message Discharge Summary message created on discharge from Hospital A Separate Discharge Summary sent for Mother and baby(s) For multiple births, a separate DS is sent for each infant

DS sent for all mothers including antenatal admissions if mother delivered includes details of the birth for Live Birth/Stillbirth If a baby is admitted to Neonatal Unit/SCBU, a DS is sent on discharge from the Neonatal Unit/SCBU Healthlink returns an Acknowledgement message to MNCMS for each DS received 5 Mothers Discharge Summary Clinical information included on Mothers Discharge Summary: Antenatal risk factors Multiple gestation description Pathway to Delivery Delivery Category Delivery type Delivery date time Gestation age at birth Neonatal Outcome

Maternal delivery complications Perineum status Anti-D Requirement Edinburgh score Medication details Provider comments 6 Babys Discharge Summary Clinical information included on Babys Discharge Summary: Maternal Gravida Maternal Para Gestational Age at Birth Delivery Type Neonatal Outcome Birth Order

Multiple Gestation Birth Weight Last Recorded Weight Birth Length Birth Head Circumference Newborn Feeding Type Newborn Jaundice Blood Spot Screening Status Hearing Screen Test Completed Hearing Test Type Automated Optoacoustic Emissions Result Audiological Referral Scheduled Congenital Heart Screening Result Hips Dysplasia Exam Hip Exam Follow Up Required ROP Screen Immunisations Given Immunisations Given Details Medication Details Comments (free text)

7 Pilot Phase Piloted with about 40 GPs in Cork Pilot went live on October 31st 2017 planned for approx 6 weeks A number of issues were identified, documented and resolved over the pilot period Extended pilot phase to resolve these issues and are now ready to exit pilot to go-live status Clinical equivalence testing carried out Thank you to the pilot sites 8 GP Next Steps

Go Live for CUMH is June 6th 2018 Letter from CUMH and Frequently Asked Questions document Training resources available from GP practice software vendors Support pathways for GPs Public nature of comments and notes for antenatal shared care Healthlink GDPR assessed other services eReferrals, Healthmail Any Questions? 9

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