Miracle Foods and Supplements - Missouri

Miracle Foods and Supplements - Missouri

Miracle Foods and Supplements Supplements Beneficial Fill in the gaps that the diet are missing Some have been proven helpful with diagnosis Expensive Pee When researching, make sure the source is legitimate Even if research shows it has helped, doesnt

mean it will help you Supplements Dangerous FDA does not approve ingredients in supplements, just reviews Not required to follow FDA suggestions Relying on company honesty Some companys go farther and get NSF certification Some use their own private lab, but youre still relying on honesty

Nutrient ToxicityDaily Value shouldnt be over 100% Fat soluble vs. water soluble K, E, D, A Stress on Kidneys Supplements Read labels There are more things in the supplement than what youre buying

Fillers Stabilizers Preservatives Drug interactions Check with your pharmacist or doctor Allergies Supplements Things to remember Form of the vitamin There are more than one form of vitamin, make sure the

body can absorb what you are picking out Ex.: Calcium is proven needed in diet for bone, muscle and prevention of osteoporosis, you get a supplement. Which type of calcium did you choose: calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium phosphate. Many vitamins need a pairing- find a supplement with it combines already Examples: Iron with Vitamin C Calcium with Vitamin D Vitamin E with Omega 6

Miracle Foods Many claims on foods to be the cure all High antioxidant fruits Juice concoctions How do I know what is the truth and what isnt? If it seems to good to be true, it is Will it hurt me? It can Allergies Super concentrated

Miracle Foods Benefits to miracle foods Just because they dont follow through with the claim, doesnt mean it isnt healthy Really are Nutrient Dense foods Miracle foods usually start at the manufacturer Research claims Toxicity on nutrients can be just as dangerous

when eating foods as it is when taking supplements Nutrient Dense vs. Calorie Dense Nutrient Dense The amount of nutrients in the food out-weighs the amount of calories consumed Ex: two products of the shelf, one bag is half full, the other is full. Same price, which do you buy?

Calorie Dense The amount of calories in the food is higher than the amount of nutrients you are getting Miracle Foods and Supplement How to research a miracle food Not going to look at the food, but the nutrient inside the food that they claim will make the cure What to look at when researching a nutrient or herb If claims are substantial

Quantity Length of time Possible side effects Certified brands What are you lacking Even with a perfect diet, none of us have perfect bodies Body may not be able to absorb properly Have doctor run a nutrient panel at year check up

Yearly check ups are important and many insurance cover them in full- no co-pay Need to know current health risks Links to look at www.fda.gov FDA www.nsf.org NSF Certification Public Health and Safety Organization

www.eatright.org Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Contact Information If you would like a copy of the slides or have any questions, you can email: [email protected] Or call: 816-324-3139

Closing Thank you for you participation in the wellness challenge and hope this has all been helpful. Keyword: Gaps

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