Minerals - Augusta County Public Schools

Minerals - Augusta County Public Schools

September 20, 2011 Bellringer: Answer on Bellringer sheet write out question and answer Objectives and Agenda Objective: Create a powerpoint and advertisement on a mineral Agenda Computer Lab: Mighty Mineral Project Homework: Bring supplies in for tommorow! Project Due Friday How to Save

Click Window button Click Save As PowerPoint Presentation Save in Public Drive (P:) Name your project with your full name and mineral Save in Siskin Folder Mighty Minerals 100 point Project

Rubric based on: Completeness Accuracy Neatness Visual Appeal Components Powerpoint Must contain all information from information sheet A minimum of three references are required

Poster/Advertisement Create a character to represent your mineral We will work in computer lab on Tuesday and have half the class on Wednesday to work on advertisement Tuesday: Complete information sheet Work and complete PowerPoint Wednesday: Work on advertisement

Bring your own materials in if you would like ( neatness counts)

1. Aluminum 2. Antimony 3. Apatite 4. Augite 5. Barite 6. Barium 7. Bauxite 8. Beryllium 9. Calcite 10. Chalcopyrite (Copper ore)

11. Cobalt 12. Copper 13. Corundum 14. Diamond 15. Dolomite 16. Feldspar 17. Fluorite (Fluorspar) 18. Galena 19. Gold 20. Graphite

21. Gypsum (Selenite) 22. Halite 23. Hematite (iron ore) 24. Lead

25. Limonite (iron ore) 26. Magnetite 27. Malachite 28. Mica (Muscovite/Biotite 29. Nickel 30. Olivine 31. Pyrite (Marcasite) 32. Quartz 33. Serpentine 34. Silver 35. Sphalerite 36. Sulfur 37. Talc (Soapstone) 38. Tungsten 39. Turquoise 40. Zinc

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