Mid-term Review - Weebly

Mid-term Review - Weebly

Mid-term Review Early Civilizations to the Middle Ages Thanks for working so hard! Work like this is an expectation, not a request. Question #1 Identify each of the following stages of early human

development #1 #2 #3 #4 #1 Hunter-Gathers/

Nomadic/Neolithic Revolution #2 Farming Villages #3 Civilization #4 Empires Prompt Name the 4 river valley civilizations #2

#1 #4 #3 #1 Egypt #2 Mesopotamia #3 India #4 China

#1 #2 #4 #3 Prompt: Identify these key government ideas: #1 Mesopotamia: First written law code #2 Egypt: Rulers who were king-gods

#3 China & Egypt: Ruling families #4 China: System by which kings gain the mandate of heaven & are overthrown when they lose the mandate of heaven #5 China: Ethical system that guided Chinese rule based on 5 relationships based upon respect #1 Hammurabis Code #2 Pharaohs #3 Dynasties

#4 Dynastic Cycle #5 Confucianism Prompt Identify these key ideas: #1 Name 1 difference between an empire and a river valley civilization #2 Which empire? King Darius, conquered Mesopotamia, Egypt,

India #3 Which empire? First empire in India; King Ashoka converted & spread Buddhism #1 Empires expand; Strong armies; Centralized governments #2 Persia #3 Mauryan Empire in India

#4 Gupta Empire in India #5 Han Dynasty in China Prompt: Identify 2 ways the geography influenced the development of Greece Prompt: Identify 2 ways geography influenced Rome

Greece: Mountains divided Greeks into independent city-states Surrounded by seas led to trade & cultural diffusion Rome Close to Greece;

Borrowed ideas from the Greeks Access to sea led to trade & cultural diffusion ; Empire Prompt: Identify these wars #1 Who fought in the Persian Wars? _______ vs. _______

#2 Who fought in the Peloponnesian Wars? _______ vs. _______ #3 Who fought in the Punic Wars? _______ vs. _______ #3 Who fought in the Punic Wars? _______ vs. _______ #1 Persian: The Greeks vs. Persia #2 Peloponnesian: Athens vs. Sparta

#3 Punic: Rome vs. Carthage #4 The Peloponnesian Wars weakened Greece Prompt: Identify these terms #1 What was the name of the group of 300 politicians who ruled Rome during the Republic ? #2 What was the name of the

written law code the Romans used? #3 What person was most responsible for the collapse of #1 The Senate #2 The Twelve Tables #3 Julius Caesar Prompt: Identify these religious ideas

#1 Name 2 similarities between Judaism & Christianity #2 Name 1 difference between Judaism & Christianity #3 Who was most responsible for the spread of Christianity after Jesus death? #4 What is the name of the leader of the Christian church? #5 What is the Christian holy book?

#1 Both are monotheistic; Both believe in heaven/hell; Both use the Old Testament & Ten Commandments #2 Jews do not recognize Jesus as a Messiah; Christians use the Bible (New Testament), not just the Torah (Old Testament) #3 Paul

#4 The Pope Prompt: Identify these Ideas 1. Who was Muhammads successor? What was his title? 2. Identify FOUR contributions Muslims made to future generations. 3. Explain the split between the Shia and Sunni Muslims.

1. Abu-Bakr; Caliph 2. Algebra, Fairytales, Number System, Chemistry, Banks, Education, Art, Chess, Architecture 3. Differing opinions as to who should rule after death of Muhammad Sunni: followers of Muhammad were capable of ruling Shia: Rulers should be descendants of

Muhammad Prompt: Byzantine 1. What is the Justinian Code and why is it important? 2. Why was the Hagia Sophia important? 3. Name two things that the Empress Theodora did that showed her power. What was she not allowed to participate in? 4. What is the name of the split in the

Christian Church during the Byzantine Empire? What was the main argument that cause the split? What year did it occur? 1. The Byzantine Empires set of laws; because it was the law code for 1000 years after the fall of the Byzantine Empire 2. It reflects Greek and Roman Architecture

3. Built churches, met with foreign diplomats, passed laws; she couldnt advise the military 4. Great Schism; icons; 1054 Prompt: Russia 1. The blending of which cultures produced early Russian culture? 2. The Byzantine missionaries brought what type of religion and alphabet

to Russia? 1. Slavic, Byzantine, Viking 2. Eastern Orthodox and Cyrillic. Prompt: Middle Ages 1. What provided unity and stability for society during the Middle Ages? 2. Name the political and social system in which vassals received land from Lords in

exchange for protection and other services. 3. Name the economic system where peasants/ serfs farm their lords land and pay a portion of the crops in tax. 4. Who is the King of the Franks that established an empire; crowned by the Pope? 1. 2. 3.

4. Roman Catholic Church Feudalism Manorial System Charlemagne Prompt: Middle Ages 1. What is the name of the Holy war that was fought to in order to win control of

the Holy Land? 2. Name 2 effects of the Holy Wars. 3. Correctly identify each of the societal roles in the Feudalistic pyramid. 4. What is the code of behavior that knights were expected to abide by? 1. The Crusades 2. Revival of trade in western Europe, decline of feudalism, revival of

interest in learning, and cultural interaction 3. King/Queen, Clergy (church officials), Lords/Nobles, Knights/Vassals, Peasants, Serfs 4. Chivalry

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