Managing your TIG effectively & the 2013 TIG cycle: reporting ...

Managing your TIG effectively & the 2013 TIG cycle: reporting ...

MANAGING YOUR TIG EFFECTIVELY & THE 2013 TIG CYCLE: REPORTING REQUIREMENTS, COMPLIANCE, AND LESSONS LEARNED David Bonebrake, Glenn Rawdon, Jane Ribadeneyra, Megan Smith, Mark Watts Legal Services Corporation Goals 1. To bring to your attention some best practices, key TIG procedures, reporting and compliance requirements; and 2. To point you to resources to help you understand and successfully navigate those

LSC procedures and requirements not specifically covered. TIG Project Management Best Practices Form a Project Committee Create Work Plan with Assignments and Deadlines Use Collaboration Tools Communicate with Staff and Partners

Demos and Training Implementation & Evaluation Evaluation Plans Submit draft Evaluation Plan to Bristow for approval ASAP, but no later than March 15 Once evaluation plan is approved, review your project work plan and make any needed refinements. Plan from the beginning on how your evaluation

data will be collected, including a timeline. Payment Request Due Dates Payment requests are due within 30 days of the end of the payment period. Payment Period End of Payment Period Payment Request Due Initial Payment (begins the TIG)

N/A N/A Payment Period 2 June 30, 2013 July 30, 2013 Payment Period 3 December 31, 2013 January 30, 2014 Payment Period 4 March 31, 2014

April 30, 2014 Failing to submit payment requests on-time will subject your grant to suspension or termination. Payment Request Extensions Ask (in writing, via email) before the end of the payment period. Send to either [email protected] or to the Grants Administrator (Glenn, Jane or David). Extension requests may not be made by anyone other than the grantee (e.g., a project contractor).

Milestone Changes vs. Deadline Extensions Rather than extend the entire payment request, it may make sense to move that milestone to a later period and/or modify the milestone. It may be necessary to modify the budget and payment amounts to reflect the new scope of work for the amended milestones. Compliance Planning TIGs are subject to all LSC rules, regulations, and guidelines.

LSC TIG Award Letter Communication is key! Communication Grantees should not hesitate to contact their Grant Administrator if they: Need to discuss extending the deadline for a payment request; Seek clarification on the meaning of a milestone;

Have compliance questions; Have had successes or setbacks on a TIG project; Have any other questions, concerns, criticisms, etc. In other words, keep us in the loop! The earlier you contact us, the better! Budgets Grant Award Package includes a Final Budget Milestone for Final Payment Submit a final budget showing the TIG expenditures on the grant, as well as a budget narrative explaining any changes from the final budget in the award package

Final budget will need to show both the approved budget for the grant (with any approved modifications) and the actual TIG expenditures on the grant Budgets Tracking Costs TIG recipients are required to track expenses for each TIG and separately reflect revenue and expenses for each TIG in their annual audit. 45 CFR 1628.3 (g) Budgets Tracking Costs

TIG recipients are required to track expenses for each TIG and separately reflect revenue and expenses for each TIG in their annual audit. Programs should consider using separate funding codes, or similar methods, to track TIG expenses. Budgets Documenting Costs TIG recipients are required to determine and document costs in accordance with 45 CFR Part 1630, the LSC Accounting Guide, and the Property Acquisition and Management Manual (PAMM). See also OMB Circular 122 - Cost Principles for Non- Profit Organizations (2 CFR Part 230 )

Documentation examples include sales invoices, quotes and signed contracts, personnel costs documentation (allocation methodologies, personal activity reports, time records), checks, etc. Budgets Personnel Costs If the staff member is a paralegal or attorney the timekeeping requirements under 45 CFR 1635 may apply. If the staff member is not a paralegal or attorney, and their time is a direct cost to the TIG, then 45 CFR 1630.3(d) direct cost standards apply and they must maintain personal activity reports.

Preamble to 45 CFR 1630, available at http:// regulations-rules/regulationspublication-history/regulations-publication-historypart-1630 Budget Modifications Changes in the project budget require prior written approval when: If any line For any It exceeds item in the amount if it 10% of the budget is changes the total budget changed by scope of the 20% or more project Budget Modifications

Requests for Budget Modifications must be in writing via email to [email protected] and/or the grant administrator (David, Glenn or Jane) Budget Modifications can only be requested directly by the grantee Email must include: 1) what change is needed; and 2) the reason(s) for the change LSC grant administrator will notify grantee of approval/ disapproval and if approved, a modified budget will be created and saved in LSC Grants

Conflicts of Interest Grant Assurance in Award Package Required to follow LSCs TIG policy to identify and resolve situations that might present conflicts involving payments of LSC TIG funds to third parties. Disclosure of Interests for Determination of Conflicts Policy Related to Expenditures of Funds Awarded to the Organization through Legal Services Corporations Technology Initiative Grant Program Contracting

See Program Letter 10-03 on Third-Party Contracting of TIG Funds - Property Acquisition and Management Manual (PAMM) covers, among other things, approval for lease/purchase of equipment/property over $10,000 PAMM approvals must be obtained in advance of purchase (may include the approval request and appropriate information in the TIG application) See Third Party Contracting for Services

Applies to contracting for services over $3,500 or where an administrative plan is required (PAMM still applies for property/equipment) No pre-approval required reporting provided with payment request for period in which contract was executed Solicit minimum of 3 bids or fully document sole source/few bids justification. TIG Contracting for Services Reporting Requirements Provide with the payment request for the period in

which the contract was executed to LSC a copy of the contract; and Ensure the proper expenditure, accounting for, and audit of the contracted funds. See Accounting Guide for LSC recipients, 2010 edition, particularly pgs 51 & 91 on contracting: _recipients_2010_edition.pdf Subgrants/Transfers and Contracting TIG funds are subject to the rules and requirements of LSCs regulations, including the Subgrant and Transfer rules at Parts 1627 and 1610, respectively See and

Subgrant agreement applications are submitted to OCE via LSC Grants. LSC has 45 Days to approve, disapprove or suggest modifications to the subgrant Grant Close-outs/Terminations Grants may be closed out or terminated before they are completed for four reasons: Failure to Provide Timely Documentation Mutual Consent

Grantee Performance Grantee Ceases to be an LSC Grantee Managing Your TIG Resources on Reporting Checklist Compliance Resources Sample Final Reports

Sample Administrative Plan and Template Sample Evaluation Plan and Template Sample RFP for Contracting TIG Compliance Resources Grant Terms LSC TIG Award Letter Grant Assurances

Transfers and Subgrants Conflicts of Interest Technology Standards Third-Party Contracting of TIG Funds Termination Etc. LSC Compliance Resources LSC Website and TIG Website ( LSC Regulations and Regulation Preambles ( about/regulations-rules)

OCEs Compliance Advisories and LSC Program Letters ( LSC Property Acquisition and Management Manual (PAMM) ( Accounting Guide for LSC Recipients ( /granteeguidance/accounting-guide-lsc-recipients LSC External Opinions (

Case Service Report Handbook (2008 Ed, as amended 2011) ( grantee-guidance) LSC Compliance Resources LSC Program Counsels and Fiscal Analyst Informal Consultations Formal Technical Assistance In 2013, OCE will begin incorporating TIGs into its

onsite review process. LSCs OIG will also be conducting TIG-related audits. 2013 TIG Cycle Anticipate approximately $3 million will be available for 2013 grant awards Letters of Intent (LOI) Online System Available: February LOIs Due: March Invitations for Full Applications: April

Full Applications Due: June TIG Award Notifications: September 2013 Tips & Resources for an LOI Include IT staff, project managers and expected users from the beginning Talk to past TIG recipients Get information about past TIG projects: http:// ble-projects Talk to TIG Staff David Bonebrake North Glenn Rawdon West Jane Ribadeneyra South TIG Resources Technology Initiative Grants Website:

Replicable Projects: TIG Conference: Grantee Resources: Legal Services Nonprofit Technology Network (LSNTAP): NTAP helps nonprofit legal aid programs improve client services through effective and innovative use of technology. They provide technology training, maintain information, create online tools and host community forums such as the LSTech email list. LSNTAPs Tech Library: Upcoming Training: LSTech Listserv: NTAP HelpDesk Live Chat: Mobile Web Development Guide: Online Intake Systems:

LawHelp Interactive: Pro Bono Nets Document Assembly Support Site: Contact Claudia Johnson, [email protected] for password A2J Author: Online Intake Trainings, Guide and Samples: TIG Resources

Plain Language Resources: Legal Assistance of Western New York (LawNY) has created a robust website of legal aid-focused plain language documents and resources, including: The Online Plain Language Gadget : This tool helps users spot sentences that they can write more clearly. Just paste your work in the box and get instant feedback. Plain Language Glossary : The glossary contains clear, concise definitions of hundreds of legal words and phrases in English and Spanish. Transcend Plain Language Lessons: lessons LawHelp Statewide Websites Support Site: Contact Liz Keith, [email protected]

Drupal for Legal Aid Websites: LawHelp NYs SEO Optimization Toolkit: LawHelp/NY developed this guide to search engine optimization (SEO) and social marketing for nonprofits. Available for download, the toolkit describes the techniques and strategies used by LawHelp/NY to improve its search engine rankings and maximize online outreach. LiveHelp Administrators Toolkit: Contact Liz Keith, [email protected]

The Self Help Support website is a national clearinghouse of information on self-representation. Through the site, members can access a library of over 2,000 materials, participate in listservs, receive a monthly newsletter, and network with other professionals. LSC Staff Contacts David Bonebrake (TIG Administration for North) [email protected] or 202-295-1547 Glenn Rawdon (TIG Administration for West) [email protected] or 202-295-1552 Jane Ribadeneyra (TIG Administration for South) [email protected] or 202-295-1554

Bristow Hardin (TIG Evaluations, Final Reports) [email protected] or 202-295-1553 Eric Mathison (Payment Requests & Milestones) [email protected] or 202-295-1535 Megan Smith (General Compliance) [email protected] or 202-295-1506 Mark Watts (Fiscal Compliance) [email protected] or 202-295-1530

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