Managing Agent Platforms with SNMP

Managing Agent Platforms with SNMP

Managing Agent Platforms with SNMP Brian Remick Research Proposal Defense February 27, 2020 Overview Motivation Agent Management Requirements Network Management Research Overview

Architecture Research Plan Schedule and Questions February 27, 2020 2 Motivation Agent platforms are very complex. Difficult to debug from a software perspective. Difficult to analyze from an administrators perspective. No formal management specification.

FIPA leaves this up to the platform implementation. Thus, each implementation does it differently (if at all). February 27, 2020 3 Basic Requirements Create agents Destroy agents Move agents between containers Change agent state February 27, 2020

4 Advanced Requirements Load balancing Agent mobility Communication pattern analysis February 27, 2020 5 Load Balancing Agents can overload resources System resources (CPU, memory)

Programmatic resources (Slow data structures) Identification of overloaded agents by: Communication level Resource usage Response time Platform-specific knowledge Management system should be able to: Identify agents that are degrading system performance. React to achieve balance in the platform. Redistribute agents. Create more agents to handle load. February 27, 2020 6 Agent Mobility

Agents move between containers/platforms. Management system must keep track of this. Identify new agents arriving on platform. Follow agents to other platforms? February 27, 2020 7 Communication Patterns Provide framework for communication analysis. Types of messages sent to/from an agent. Size Frequency Content Administrator can use this information to analyze communication patterns.

Identify agent defects through communication behavior. Closely related to load balancing. February 27, 2020 8 Network Management Basic Idea Manage various resources of vastly different types. Scalable, Flexible Non-intrusive As much as possible Components of a network management system Proxy agents Communication protocol (SNMP) Management system(s) February 27, 2020

9 Network Management - Overview Management System Display / Graphs / Reports g llin Po Proxy Agent P) C (T Polling (TCP) Analysis / Threshold Monitors Proxy Agent Po llin

g (T C P) Proxy Agent Database February 27, 2020 10 Proxy Agents Unfortunate terminology. Related to autonomous agents but not the same. Distributed pieces of software.

Act as representatives for network resources Printers, routers, etc. Implement a standard interface accessible through a protocol. Exposes attributes / functionality of resource. Broadcast traps back to managers. February 27, 2020 11 Protocol (SNMP) A standard protocol is used to communicate between proxy agents and managers.

Flexibility is key. Need to be able to facilitate interface for any resource. Simple Network Management Protocol One of the first. Industry standard. February 27, 2020 12 Management Systems MIB Browsers Provide simple access to proxy agent interface. Get / set values associated with resource. Enterprise Management Systems Sophisticated control over resources. Ability to set thresholds, gather temporal data, graphs, etc.

Customizable: views of data, resource graphs Designed for more than strictly network management. Examples HP Openview February 27, 2020 13 Network and Agent Management Both solve similar problems Distributed resources Overload conditions Crashes Management of varying types of resources Use network management techniques in agent management domain

Network management can be used to meet the requirements of agent management. February 27, 2020 14 Research Overview Goal: Build an agent platform management system. Based on network management techniques. Details: Needs to meet the requirements mentioned earlier. Using SNMP as the communication protocol. Integrate with enterprise management system. HP Openview

Demonstrate Test the system with behaviorial patterns and simulations. February 27, 2020 15 Assumptions Based on FIPA specification Provides a standard platform specification to work from. Research could lead to a proposal for the FIPA spec. Implementation specific to Jade. Basic framework will be more general. Access to managed data is assumed. Platform must allow access to necessary data.

February 27, 2020 16 Architecture Management Layer Custom Plugin Enterprise Management System MIB Browser SNMP SNMP SNMP Layer AgentX Master Agent Agent Platform Layer AMS

TCP/IP Platform-Specific Communication ACL ACL ACL ACL Proxy Agent Agent 1 February 27, 2020 Agent 2 Agent 3 Agent N

17 Agent Platform Layer Need to implement the proxy agent for the platform. Implements a standard interface for agent management. Hides platform-specific details from the manager. Implementation in Jade framework: Actual FIPA-compliant agent living inside the platform. Allows accessibility to platform-specific information. Makes use of platform events / Introspection. February 27, 2020 18 SNMP Layer (AgentX)

Need to allow proxy agent and managers to communicate via SNMP. AgentX Framework that hides networking details of SNMP (UDP, etc.) Allows interface definition in SNMP without detailed knowledge of the underlying protocol. Focus more on effectiveness of interface than protocol itself. Managers communicate with AgentX Requests passed on to proxy agent via RPC. Proxy agent can send traps through AgentX to listening managers. February 27, 2020 19 Management System Layer Interface with management systems. MIB browser Enterprise system

Take advantage of enterprise customization Customized views of containers Views of communication between agents HP Openview Event SDK GUI customizations February 27, 2020 20 Research Plan Interface definition in SNMP Proxy agent implementation in Jade

Integration with AgentX framework Management system integration MIB browser Openview Testing Patterns of agent behavior Simulations February 27, 2020 21 Summary System will be able to:

Perform basic management tasks. Detect overloaded agents and perform load balancing. Monitor communication between agents. Detect agent mobility. Integrated with industry-standard management tools. HP Openview February 27, 2020 22 Schedule for Completion Task Completion Date Percent Complete Proposal document 10/1/2001

95% Proposal defense 10/29/2001 Interface definition/MIB 11/10/2001 40% Proxy agent implementation 11/20/2001 40% AgentX integration 12/5/2001 30% MIB browser integration

12/15/2001 HP Openview plugin 1/20/2002 Pattern implementation 2/1/2002 Thesis document 3/1/2002 Thesis defense 4/2002 February 27, 2020 23

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