Management and reporting to the EC

Management and reporting to the EC

The LIFE-Env BATTLE Project BAT for water reuse in TextiLE SMEs Maurizio Casarci the Italian National Public Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment ENEA is mainly called upon: to promote and carry out basic and applied research and innovation technology activities, also through prototypes and product industrialization; to disseminate and transfer technologies, encouraging their use in productive and social sectors; to provide high-tech services, studies, tests and

evaluations to both public and private bodies and enterprises. With regard to Water Resource Management, Management ENEA Environment Dept carries out projects on: wastewater treatment, water re-use, re-qualification of water bodies, development of new technologies as well as demonstrative and pre-industrial projects

for civil, industrial, agricultural uses. Environmental Dept. contact persons: ENEA Office in Brussels (Rue de Namur 72-74) Massimo Busuoli +32 2 5120448 [email protected] ENEA Office in Rome Maurizio Casarci +39.06.3048.3263 [email protected] Marcello Peronaci +39.06.3048.4702 [email protected] Anna Maria Slama +39.06.3048.3092 [email protected] BATTLE

BACKGROUND IPPC directive Previous research projects Battle in the LIFE Programme Specific objective Implementation of more advanced techniques (in connection with environmental protection) than those described as Best Available Techniques in BAT reference documents. Side objective Support of activities addressing obstacles to the development of clean technologies not covered by IPPC, particularly those undertaken by SMEs Expected results

BATs applicability in SMEs Demonstration of the new BAT in the Italian medium-size enterprise Stamperia di Martinengo (BATTLEs partner): water reuse plant reducing at least 50% of fresh water consumed and the same amount of wastewater discharged in the environment by a fully reliable, innovative, totally automated, reclamation system, based on the combination of membrane technology for effluents treatment and Expert System for plant control and operation. The plant will be at demonstrative scale (500 m3/day of wastewater treated) assuring the production of treated water of constant good quality for the textile processes. BAT for optimisation of water cycle in textile SMEs (for proposal to the IPPC bureau for the inclusion in the BREF). Results will be disseminated, with the full support of the Textile Associations, to reach most of the European companies.

BATs applicability in SMEs Identification and analysis of BAT on water (use and discharge) in the BREF Questionnaire dissemination and collection in IPPC companies Audits/interviews in IPPC companies Identification of BATs feasible in SMEs and assessment of applicability Proposal of modification and/or substitution to comply with different needs and constrains of SMEs New BAT definition Definition of the targets for a new BAT for the

optimization of water use and reuse. (Textile BREF contains only general advices on wastewater treatment and reuse) The proposed BAT will integrate the BREF indications with the results of the EU project TOWEF0. The proposed BAT is conceived to be included in the sector BREFs. It has the characteristics to be considered best and available according to the requirements of the IPPC Directive The techno-economic feasibility of the proposed BAT will be assessed in the Stamperia di Martinengo (a SME close to the threshold of the IPPC Directive) A manual for the BAT will be issued with guidelines for the application in other textile SMEs all over Europe. Demonstration plant

Stamperia di Martinengo present situation: situation No reuse of water is implemented Primary water (in some cases pretreated by softening is fed to all machines to carry out the processes Discharged effluents are mixed together before final treatment in company WWTP and discharge into river Serio Steam production 2 boilers Dyes

preparation Hand printing Dyes recovery Demineralisation Softening Primary water R1-R2-R3-R4-R5-R6

Steamers W1-W2 storage 2 storage 1 WWTP biological stage WWTP posttreatment Receiving water body Dyeing

Characterization Treatability evaluation Effluent classification E 1,2,n UF (or MBR) C-UF 1,2,,n P-UF 1,2,,n NF (or A.C.) P-NF 1,2,n C-NF 1,2,,n

Database F 1,2,10 effluent quality permeate concentrate tractability Design of water reuse schemes Demonstrative pilot plant Plant monitoring and control Primary water Softening

Mixing and neutralisation tank Steam production 2 boilers Dyes preparation Hand printing R1-R2-R3-R4-R5-R6

Steamers W1-W2 Dyeing UF E.S. decision Dyes recovery E.S. decision Demineralisation

storage 2 storage 1 WWTP biological stage WWTP posttreatment Receiving water body E.S. decision NF

State of the Art Stamperia di Martinengo Audit Analytical protocol for effluents monitoring Preliminary filtration tests Web site

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