Lysbilde 1 - Europa

Lysbilde 1 - Europa

Vann-Nett - the Norwegian WISE node Lars Stalsberg WG-GIS workshop Dublin 15-16. January 2008 Choice of Technology ArcGIS Server (AGS) chosen as solution for the

national system for the implementation of the WFD. Natural choice since national administration use ESRI technology Geographical interface to all data Central database for all WFD data All users connected via Internet to one system which

simplifies control and support Easy to produce maps and statistics Can be tailored to specific user demand on the fly Set up as direct connect to our Oracle database ArcSDE needed on the Oracle database server in addition to be able to handle data in ArcGIS

Experiences with AGS First the some of the experience with AGS 9.1 Stable, but slow response time Only one mxd, giving a very long TOC over time with new wishes for layers added on Complicated handling routines, e.g. marking the layer one wish to work with etc

Lots of complaints by users in the start. No interactivity in symbolisation of layers In short a technology it is good to get rid of.. AGS 9.1 Interface

Experiences with AGS Some experience with AGS 9.2 Relatively fast in delivering map data and layers Slower in delivering database data (!) Possible to program extra functions into the application Many mxds makes interface better

Though some problems with mxds shadowing those under Easy to operate and more intelligent, users do not need to mark what they want to work with in the TOC Possible to interactively show result of added data Good panning functionality, data get cached Good zoom and other functionality (more like ArcGIS)

Happy users (for a while..) Experiences with AGS But, also problems with AGS 9.2(price of course) Was told that database server (Oracle) had to stand in DMZ with the AGS to avoid problems IT people did not like this and placed it on the inside of

the firewall and there should be no problem when ports are openresults: First it seemed ok, but. Application crashed often and need for regular reboot Found that the Arc.SOCs crashed because it timed out in the firewall which thought that processes longer than 2 h had an error and stopped them

Arc.SOCs set to 24 h circulation by default. Changed this to 1 h. Seems to work Problems with WMS map data from mapping agency When WMS services down, your own service slows down waiting for timeout, and no data delivered

Development in near future Direct link to all documents via map interface or WB code Decided to link to documents in the database where authorities store these Users and public will get access to all data about WB, hydropower concessions, pollution data

Direct link between Vann-Nett and the new AGS application made to handle all gauging data in Norway under the Ministry of Environment Communication both ways to serve users with both detailed station data and WFD data

Will redesign database and -model to fit new GIS GD and INSPIRE Run runoff models for any point in catchment Link from WISE to Vann-Nett Many ways to the goal.still via ESRI, but have started to think about OS

Interactive link to national system through map interface by clicking on a WB in WISE Important to be able to handle WB code history Link by WB code/name, RBD from WISE to national system Through this there will be given access to all WFD data

in national system, all background data and geographical data for the chosen WB or RBD For Norway the Norway Digital will ensure access to all public geographical data Reports can downloaded in addition to any selection of vector data for WBs Will deliver WMS and WFS

AGS 9.2 Interface Getting Information to asses Risk Panels Can be Lifted Out to View all Data

Using Gauging Data for Risk Assessment Viewing Hydropower Installations Easy to Create New Lake WB Crating new River WB

Rivers Selected for WB Drawing Groundwater WB Thanks for your attention

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