Lowndes Recreation Department

Lowndes Recreation Department

Lowndes Recreation Department GAMECHANGER for the FUTURE BENEFITS OF A SPORTS COMPLEX Economic, Social & Health Stay Healthy Longer Studies have shown that Children who exercise regularly have lower blood pressure,

delayed onset of diabetes, lower heart disease rates, and overall increased longevity. Exercise helps increase white blood cells and strengthens your immune system. Reduce Stress Benefits of sports complexes help create a less stressed mind. Stress affects communities at large, and people who regularly use recreation facilities have lower stress levels than sedentary people. Another benefit to the mind is overall happiness. Active children are more than twice as likely to consider themselves as happy.

Benefits to Families Couples and families that play together tend to stay together. Family ties are improved by spending leisure time with each other. This effect even works with parent-child relationships. Reduce Crime Rates with Children Juvenile criminal rates can decrease up to 25% when the community has a sports facility for adolescents to attend. A sports complex gives children a safe place to play, keeping them off the streets.

BENEFITS OF A SPORTS COMPLEX Economic, Social & Health Sports Facilities May Increase Property Value Houses located closely to newly built sports centers notice increases in property values. Studies have shown that people not only love going to sports centers, but they are also willing to pay to live closer to one. Cultural Diversity

Cultural differences can cause some problems in community relations. Participating in sports activities can help to increase cohesion in the community. Sports tourism also brings more cultural diversity to sporting events. Boost Your Students Performance Students who actively participate in recreation activities have increased retention rates. Researchers have verified the link between active lifestyles and retention levels. Tourism

Sports facilities can hold tournaments that bring people from neighboring cities and states. This increase of people can help bring more revenue into a city several times a year. Local businesses along with the sports facilities see an increase in revenue during these tournaments. LOCATION OF SPORTSPLEX PARK 89 Acres Located on the North Side of the

North Frontage Road on Hwy 82 You may know the property as The Penn Taylor Property Great visibility Somewhat Rectangular- efficient to develop Not difficult to direct people to Easy access, good highway/roads Neutral drive time- accessibility

Allow for future growth and development EFFECTS ON SURROUNDING AREA Nearest private residence is .6 mile to the west Taylor Thurston Road leading to Elm Lake is 1.0 mile Shell Truck Stop and Plymouth

Bluff Access Road is 1.5 miles CONCERNS Construction Congestiontemporary Traffic- entrance will be designed to accommodate overflow traffic Light Pollution- lighting system will be designed to defuse spill over (same type eco-lighting that

we have at the soccer complex) Noise Pollution- surrounded by pasture land- will be little to none NON-ECONOMIC IMPACT OF SPORTSPLEX Social/Psychic Impact- Enjoyment provided by sports facilities to citizens of our countysatisfaction and pleasure knowing

you have the facility in your county- an increased spirit of community pride Image Impact- Increased county visibility and civic pride as a result of the progressiveness of the countys profile and exposure Developmental Impact- The ability to better compete for industrial

recruitment and possible location of new businesses (important elements of education and recreation) GOALS FOR SPORTSPLEX PARK Develop a Regional Sportsplex Park To Include: Baseball & Softball facilities

Possible multipurpose sports building to include offices and meeting rooms Possible Park amenitiespavilions, walking tracks, playgrounds, water spray park Landscaping opportunities WE WANT YOUR INPUT



LOWNDES COUNTY SPORTSPLEX 5- Youth Baseball Fields 4- Youth T-Ball Fields 4- Youth Softball Fields 4- Adult Softball Fields 2- Concession buildings with meeting rooms Additional staff- Athletic Coordinator Additional staff- Maintenance

Additional equipment for maintaining the complex AERIAL OF SPORTSPLEX LOCATION TRAVEL AND ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION DRIVE TIME TO SPORTSPLEX FROM : New Hope- 21 mins- 12.5 miles

Caledonia- 29 mins- 20 miles Crawford- 18 mins- 17.6 miles Artesia15 mins- 10.5 miles Columbus- 8 mins- 5.3 miles CAFB20 mins- 14 miles West Point- 22 mins- 18.7 miles Starkville- 26 mins- 21.8 miles New Hope to Caledonia: 30 minutes- 18 miles

New Hope to Columbus: 11 minutes- 5.8 miles New Hope to Soccer Complex: 17 minutes- 7.8 miles GOAL AND CONCLUSION We want to build, operate and maintain a sports and recreation facility that will enrich the quality of life for families and provide future generations with a place to grow and play in an environment that cultivates our community, sportsmanship,

leadership, health and wellness. THIS IS FOR OUR CHILDREN FIRST! CONCLUSION A very aggressive plan Great economic impact and non-economic impact But more importantly, improve the quality of life Set for the future recreation needs of the County QUESTION Are we committed to moving forward with the recreation needs of the County? Are we committed to getting up to par with our surrounding neighbors?

The Lowndes County Board of Supervisors have a reputation of quality; whatever the endeavor they take on; be it industrial growth, infrastructure, roads, bridges, buildings, education - we are known for first class quality products How about quality of life issues? How about parks and recreation? Are we committed???

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