Louis XIV - Tamaqua Area School District

Louis XIV - Tamaqua Area School District

Louis XIV Cardinal Richelieu & Mazarin Centralized the French government under one powerful monarch.

A Man for all Seasons Controlled foreign affairs & army Domestic administration Economic regulations

Parlements Regional judicial bodies that conferred with Louis prior to making rulings. Versailles

Letat Cest Moi! I am the state. Ruler by divine right. Jean-Baptiste Colbert

Economic and political advisor to Louis XIV Securing the Northern Borders War of Devolution

Alleged Right of Marie Therese to inherit the Spanish Netherlands. Treaty of Aix-LaChappelle 1668 Gain control of small

towns in the S. Netherlands Invade the Netherlands, Again 1672, vs. the Prince of Orange. Ended with the Treaty of Nijmwegen.

France received Franche-Comte. Treaty of Dover Alliance between England and France against the Dutch.

Religious Policy Jesuits promoted religious reforms and teaching of Church doctrine as stated in the Council of Trent. Louis XIV supported the Jesuits.

Jansenism Opposed the political and theology of the Jesuits. Believed man was so sinful, only the grace of God would allow someone to be saved.

Declared as heretics and Louis XIV was forced to accept disillusioning many followers. Revoking the Edict of Nantes Closed Protestant Churches and Schools Exiled ministers

Non-converting laity became slaves Children were baptized by Catholic priests Effect of the Revocation More than 250k left France.

Nine Years War League of Augsburg- England, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Habsburg Empire. Loss for Louis XIV who signed the Peace of Ryswick in 1697.

War of Spanish Succession The last Habsburg king of Spain, Charles II, died w/o heirs. Philip of Anjou, Louis grandson became Philip V of

Spain. Treaty of Utrecht- Britain gains Gibraltar, Louis recognized the Hanover right to the throne in Britain. Louis XV- the Spider King

Revoked many of Louis reforms. Very unpopular and repressive.

France after Louis XIV Still had the largest pop. In Europe. John Law- Scottish Mathematician, advisor. Increasing the paper money supply would solve Frances economic woes.

The Mississippi Bubble The Mississippi Co. took over the French National Debt. Issued stock in exchange for government bonds.

Investors wanted gold in exchange for their stocks. All gold payments were halted. France struggles financially for years to come https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=diEVmQZ1


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