LOL TITLE - Lick Observatory

LOL TITLE - Lick Observatory

A Problem of Time and Telescopes By: Tyler Yoshiyama Home Institution: UH Hilo Mentor: Ross Matoi 1 Just the Wrong Time? AEOS pointed at Jupiter last week. Yesterday Today

it failed to point at Jupiter. it points at Jupiter again. 2 The Current Hardware GUI (OBJECT) IMAGE MOUNT CONTROL (COMPUTES LOCATION OF OBJECTS) GPS (TIME)

TELESCOPE (LOOKS AT OBJECTS) 3 My Project Design a system to input any time into the Image Mount Control (IMC) Independent Doesnt

Tricks of the IMC change code in IMC telescope 4 The Time Setting System Linux PC

Timer Card C Code TCL/TK GUI Networking Feature IMC GUI

IMC MY GPS SYSTEM OTHER COMPUTERS TELESCOPE 5 The Coding Language Tool Command Language

ToolKit 6 Network Uses User Datagram Packets (UDP) to send data UDP is fast but doesnt check for errors 7

8 The Roadblocks Had to learn to program in new environment Had to learn TCL/TK Driver didnt compile initially

Managed to debug problem by adding one line of code 9 Results C program communicates with GUI and timer card Time can be changed via GUI

Able to send and receive information from another computer 10 Acknowledgements Akamai Internship Scott Lynne Lani Everyone else in the program

The Maui Akamai Internship Program is funded by the CfAO through NSF Science and Technology Center grant (#AST-987683) and by grants to the Akamai Workforce Initiative from the NSF & AFOSR (both administered by NSF, #AST-0710699) and from the University of Hawaii Textron Ross Matoi Don Ruffato Nathan Kimura Everyone at Textron

for being helpful and supportive 11 Thank You 12

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