Local Government Data Model - Atlanta Regional Commission

Local Government Data Model - Atlanta Regional Commission

Local Government Information Model Why? Supports data sharing between local governments and regional,

state, and federal agencies Modern data structure following national standards Election App Property Value

Service Request Advantages Plug-in Maps and Apps

App store for ArcGIS Support from ESRI Apps and model move to latest

release Many organizations with same structure Shared enhancements Shared knowledge

Disadvantages Less customizations Adds complexity Requires ArcGIS Server

Tables and fields irellevant for Atlanta area You must do it the ESRI way Transition Current

version requires ArcGIS 10 Download layer package and load into geodatabase Create temporary staging tables Load data into staging tables and

format for loading Load data from staging tables into local government geodatabase Example Apps Local

Government basemaps Infrastructure Land Records Elections Public Safety Planning and Development Facilities and Campus

Public Works THE PARCEL FABRIC Parcel Fabric Maintains

dimensions of each parcel separately Strict topology rules Uses least squares adjustment and control points for spatial accuracy Lines are used to create polygons

Coincidental boundaries 82 ft 87 ft 4

5 4 6 Same line from

different surveys Adjustments are based on accuracy of data When to use the Parcel

Fabric Spatial accuracy is critical Parcels in the same layer have different levels of accuracy

Accuracy needs to get better with new accurate data Layer has good topology before import Each parcel needs to preserve its

original geometry and history You arent in a hurry When not to use the Fabric Quick

adjustments are required Original data isnt clean You need easy access to parcel layer No ground control points Whats a COGO? Where is DeKalb Today?

Migrated legacy data out of old data model Internal web maps using new data model Received initial delivery of data

from parcel conversion Testing fabric with work flows Waiting on ArcMap 10.1

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