Life-Span Development

Life-Span Development

Life-Span Development Chapter 4 Do Now What are some issues many children have while growing up? Think about some of the following topics, write a response. Sleeping Fears

Bullying The answer is NO Clinging Childhood Problems Rivalry and Rebellion Does anyone have any sibling rivalries? Ask your partner about issues they face.

Favoritism of Parents? Childhood Rebellion? Feeding Disturbances What are some issues many young people face in regards to food? Discuss with your partner. Anorexia Nervosa Pica

Serious Childhood Problems Lets discuss the following scenario Billy is 5 years old and has not learned to talk Throws wild temper tantrums/doesnt sleep Destroys items around the house Attacks his mother by biting her neck Tried to feed his little sister gasoline as a juice box Refuses to eat anything besides frozen hamburgers

These are not typical 5 year old issues What was Billys problem? What would you classify him with? Discuss with the person next to you. Speech Disturbances Delayed Speech Lack of intellectual stimulation

Stuttering Speech-timing mechanism in the Brain Very common in boys Partially hereditary What are some solutions? Learning Disorders What are some learning disorders which

you know of? Lets discuss Jimmy A very shy and difficult child Doesnt pay attention in class Assignments not finished Often mixes his b and ds up Saw and was What might Jimmy have?

FkRM Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder What is ADD and ADHD? Explain what might be some issues. How does one fix this problem? Autism

What is Autism ? How would you explain this to other people? Are parents responsible? Can anything be done? Child Abuse Do Now How can Child Abuse impact the

psychological development of a child? Think about Physical Emotional Characteristics of Abusive Parents Discuss with your partner what are Abusive

Parents like? Characteristics? Signs? Issues? Depression, loneliness, marital discord, unemployment, drug abuse, divorce, family violence, heavy drinking, and work anxieties More than 2 million children are physically battered each year. The Abuse Cycle

What do you think is meant by the ABUSE CYCLE? How can you prevent this from happening? Preventing Child Abuse What can be done about child Abuse? Create a plan to help children who are abused. What options might there be?

Adolescence DO NOW!!!! Define the word ADOLESCENCE. What does it mean? Who falls into this category? Is this similar in all cultures? Why or why not? Period between childhood and adulthood The Best of times, and the worst of times

Identity and moral values more focused Is marriage the primary criterion for adult status in North America? NOPE! Responsibility for oneself Independent decisions Financially independent

Who are you Everyone close your eyes Imagine that you are at home in front of a mirror Who do you see in that mirror? More so who is actually on the inside? Is this person able to express themselves? Are there hidden thoughts, ideas, and conflicts which only you know about?

Is that person proud of who you are? Who are you? Draw a box in the white paper Write down a few of the key ideas about yourself below What makes you unique? interests, friendships, social connections, school,

work, beliefs, racial and sexual identity Only the Young Videos Pay attention to the life situations of these teen agers What is going on in their lives? Explain the issues they face Only the Young

What are some of the issues the subjects are negotiating that influence their self identities and the way they interact with friends, family and partners? How is the value of friendship portrayed? What changes do you see in the subjects, even in these short clips? What do these changes indicate about the impact of life events on the formation of

self-identity? In your groups Using the markers and the paper discuss with your group the following questions and make suggestions for people struggling with these issues In what ways do you relate to these people? If you have/have had similar situations, conflicts

and relationships, do you/did you approach them as the subjects of the film do? If not, how did you handle them? Moral Development Do Now What does it mean to have morals? Who would not be considered moral? Why?

Do you consider yourself a person who has good morals? Where do you get your morality from? 1st Scenario Scenario Lets say that you are a trolley driver in San Francisco The breaks for the trolley have failed You are heading straight for a construction zone

where there are 5 workers You look to your left and see one person on the street Do you keep going straight or turn left? Why? 2nd Scenario Your now a bystander You see that the trolley car is out of control

heading for 5 construction workers Standing next to you is a very large 600 lb man Would you push this man in front of the trolley in order to save the 5 men? 3rd Scenario You are now a doctor at San Francisco Bay Hospital 6 people have now been admitted to the hospital 5 are moderately injured but must be taking care

immediately 1 is severely injured and will require you to work on him for hours which will kill the other 5 Who would you save? Utilitarian Moral Theory The right thing to do the just thing to do is

to maximize the utility The greatest good for the greatest number The Queen vs. Douglas and Stevens Lets take a look at another case which relates to our discussion 8hEY

29.28 Midlife Crisis Do Now: What does it mean to have a midlife crisis? Explain the issues adults may face during this time period? Why might this happen?

Midlife Crisis Only 23% of Americans struggle Most people content Daniel Levinson Transition Period: ends one life pattern and opens the door to new possibilities Instability, anxiety, and change

Men: last chance to achieve their goals-income, job title, maybe start over Women: not focused on external goals, rather personal identity, self-reliant, and independent v=47Ipyv5kWEI Aging

Do Now In a brief summary describe what the word Ageism means to you. Have you ever seen ageism? How might this impact the life of someone in that age group?

Course of Aging Biological Aging: physiological aging which occurs as you grow older Peek functioning for physical capacities between 25-30 Maximum Life Span: biologically defined max # of years a human can live under optimal

conditions 120 Jeanne Calment (122) Mental Abilities Gerontologists: Those who study aging 25% of the disability of old people

is medical 75% is social, political, and cultural What does this say about the way we treat elderly people? Fluid Abilities: those requiring speed or rapid learning Perceptual, motor, or intellectual

speed and flexibility Crystalized Abilities: learned knowledge and skills Vocabulary and facts How to stay mentally sharp

Remain healthy Living in favorable environment Intellectually stimulating environment Flexible personality Married to a intellectual spouse Maintain perceptual

processing speed Satisfied with accomplishments in your midlife Positive Psychology: Successful Aging Disengagement Theory: Normal and desirable for people to withdraw from society as they age Professions

Activity Theory: Use-it-or-lose-it if one remains physically, mentally and socially active they will be better off better self-image, satisfaction, and social support Which one of these theories do you agree with? Why?

Ageism Ageism: discrimination or prejudice based upon age Youre too young Youre too old Difference JAPAN in various cultures

USA https:// Q https:// https:// Figure Activity Using the textbook please look at each of the figures to determine the issues adults face as they age

Open to page 141 Blue Laws: Longevity Project http:// 11/02/Nat_Geo_Longevity.pdf

nYlhguezhM Groups Sardinia, Italy Linda Loma, CA, USA Okinawa, Japan Ikaria, Greece Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Death and Dying Do Now: What is the first word which comes to mind when you see the word DEATH. Quick dont think about it. Interpret the following quote Im not afraid of dying, I just dont want to

be there when it happens. -Woody Allan Myths vs. Realties What are some myths you have heard about regarding deaths? What are some realities about people who

face death? Make a T Chart which has myths vs. realities We will complete a graphic organizer in just a moment about this. Reactions to Impending Death

Thanatologist: one who studies death Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: thanatologist who observed 5 basic emotional reactions to impending death. Different Models of Stages of Grief In your assigned group read about the model you

have Create a poster which informs your classmates about the model. Provide information which relates to your topic Be sure to include an illustration Implementations

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