Leisure At The Local Scale: Venice - Geography

Leisure At The Local Scale: Venice - Geography

Leisure At The Local Scale: Wales The Brecon Beacons The Brecon Beacons National Park is located in the South of Wales and is one of the closest National Parks to people living in cities such as London, Birmingham, and Bristol. The Llanthony Valley is a microcosm of all that

is bad about Tourism. Tourists bring little or no benefit to the area, but cause disruptions, irritations, and problems. Conflict Farmers have at times experienced difficulty moving animals and large machinery, found their gates blocked, and been disrupted by pony-trekkers and sightseers driving slowly.

For the tourists, the trip is merely a pleasurable drive and they gain little or no understanding about the community, the landscape, or the heritage that they have passed through. Integration Nevertheless, it is possible to integrate local communities into tourism. One attempt to involve the local community in

tourism in Wales is the South Pembrokeshire Partnership for Action with Rural Communities (SPARC). SPARC Action Plan Improved infrastructure, footpaths, and routes linking tourist sites. Residents have become involved by Local produce is used wherever possible. The majority of visitors stay in locally owned and

managed accommodation. The service sector is locally owned. Local manufacturers are encouraged to tap the tourist market for gifts, souvenirs, crafts, and other projects. Activity 1. What problems does the Brecon Beacons in Wales experience? 2. How have decision makers tried to manage

the problems caused in this area? 3. Imagine you work for the National Trust; summarise the potential benefits and drawbacks of the following strategies in order to improve the area: Sheep Grazing Ban, Revegetation, Footpath Repair.

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