LCP deployment mid 2019 - EDRLab

LCP deployment mid 2019 - EDRLab

LCP DEPLOYMENT MID 2019 FACTS 01 02 03 04 A DRM is required for elending.

Many publishers also require DRM protection for retail use cases. The Adobe DRM is failing the industry; not updated, not user friendly, not accessible, costly. Current alternatives are closed solutions

(ex. Amazon, Apple, Google, Overdrive, Kobo). LCP, A NON-PROPRIETARY SOLUTION A simple and inexpensive rights management solution: Good protection No cost per transaction Vendor-neutral, interoperable. No personal data involved (GDPR) No issue for visually impaired people OTHER PROS

Suitable for all types of publications (fixed layout, audiobooks, comics, in epub or pdf) Adapted to any types of diffusion (loan in particular, but also subscription) No strict limitation on the number of devices used in a license lifetime, but flexible limits Public specifications (99%) & open source software Certification of interoperability Will become an ISO standard SIMPLE FOR USERS Choose an ebook Load it, open it Enter your LCP passphrase

once (if it is not already cached) Read ... and you can share the passphrase with your family By publishing groups -> Hachette Livre, Editis, Madrigall, Media Participations, Albin Michel ADOPTION IN FRANCE AND BELGIUM

By e-distributors -> TEA, EDEN, Numilog, Immatriel, Interforum, ePagine By Dilicom, in charge of "Prt Numrique en Bibliothque" By library portals -> Cantook Station, Archimed ... By booksellers -> TEA customers By reading systems -> Baobab Reader, Lea Reader, TEA, Bookeen ... Germany: by The Onleihe / Divibib via TEA (*)

and by Tolino / Kobo e-readers ADOPTION IN EUROPE UK: by Firsty Group, on Glassboxx and Ulverscroft (library) Sweden: by Axiell Media, provider of library platforms Norway: by Bokbasen, for the academic library market Russia: by FBReader, a multi-platform reading app.

Canada: will present the current deployment of LCP ADOPTION IN CANADA & USA The Canadian Electronic Library is now protecting fxl EPUBs on with LCP. USA: Gantec Publishing will soon protect

EPUBs on with LCP. Could finally be implemented on the SimplyE reading app in 2019. China: the Shanghai Library is developing a new platform with LCP and Readium SDK apps ADOPTION IN ASIA & AUSTRALIA Hong Kong: Inspirata Publishing is integrating LCP in its ebook retail

platform Japan: Global Comics is adopting LCP for its new manga platform Australia: Webqem is setting up a hosted platform for publishers and distributors MORE TO COME

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