Language Paper 2 - Ruffles Revision

Language Paper 2 - Ruffles Revision

Language Paper 2 Q1 Q2 4 True / False Summarise statements both texts with a focus 4 marks 8 marks Q3 Analyse language

think about purpose 12 marks AO1 5 minutes AO1 10 minutes AO2 15 minutes Q4 Q5

Comparison Write of the texts according to with a focus PAF AO3 20 minutes 16 marks 40 marks (16 SPaG) AO5 45 minutes

Remember to factor in reading time! You have two sources to read, potentially both longer than 1 A4 page! Question One Just shade the correct box Writing a summary Lets have a look at an example question.. Read the question. Highlight the question. Read the question. Read the two sources. Highlight the relevant information in both sources. Read the question.

Answer the question. How many paragraphs do you think you should write for a 8 mark question? Brushing up on your summary skills.. Shorter than the original Focussing on what the question has asked you to look at Includes only the main points from both sources. Is objective Included in-text references (quotations where

appropriate) Fun Fact: The SAMs have all been about the differences between the two sources, but AQA have said they may ask for the similarities. Make sure youve read the question and know what its asking you to do!!! Quick fire comparisons with quotes to support no need for analysis. In Source A the writer says___________________________________, for example, ____________________________________________. Whereas Source B is different because_________________________ ______________________________. For example, _____________ ________________________________________________________. Repeat 3 times Question 3 looking at language What technique is used?

What is the effect on the reader? Is the writer successful? Question 3: A Forest Ham Note: Alliteration - A strange sock Fact- Blue is the most popular sock colour choice for men. Opinion - I hate green socks. Rhetorical Question- I cant be the only one who hates green socks. Can I ? Emotive language- I've had enough of these disgusting socks that sell in the worst establishments. Statistics- 30 % of people choose not to buy green socks. Triplet- Ghastly ,Giant ,Green socks (putting 3 adjectives in a row). Hyperbole I must have a million pairs of socks lying around the house!

Anecdote I once knew a sock. He stank. Metaphor The green sock was a monster lying in wait. This list isnt exhaustive its just useful. Dont forget: - Modal verbs - Imperative verbs (bossy verbs) - Direct address - Repetition Task: Find as many examples as possible in the letter. Highlight, annotate and write down the effect

of the technique. The writer uses_____________________________ to try and make the reader ____________________________. For example, ______ _____________________________________________________. The use of__________ with the word _________shows_________ __________________________________. This has a _____________ Effect because______________________________. This is/isnt effective because_______________________________. REPEAT with another feature in the quote OR start again with a new quote Question 4 Another comparison task Analysis is required

Read the question carefully Question 2 is sort of a plan for this question Model Response Perceptive and detailed Compares ideas and perspectives Analyses how writers methods are used Selects a range of judicious supporting detail from both texts Shows a detailed understanding of the different ideas and perspectives in both texts The writer of source A uses_METHODs__ To show their view that____________. For

example, _________________ _____________________________. The use of _______ shows_______ _____________________________. This is in direct contrast to Source B in which the writer uses _____________ To show________________________. For example, _____________________ ______________________________. The use of ______shows__________ ______________________________. Overall Source __ has a bigger impact on the reader because____________ ________________________________

The basics Question 5 You will have 45-50 minutes You will need to write a response to one question worth 40 marks (half the paper!) You will need to be able to write in a particular style to a particular audience in a particular format. You need to try and show the examiner that you can use techniques in your own writing and that you can organise your writing (paragraphs!) Remember to PAF

You must know your PURPOSE AUDIENCE FORMAT Purpose Purpose Argue Persuade Advise Inform Entertain Explain Describe

Conventions Both sides One sided Softer tone Facts Engaging Details Sensory imagery My Toolkit No Monosyllabic Adjectives AFORESTHAM Start with a verb Start with a noun

Start with an adjective Start with an adverb Short sentence Simple sentence Compound sentence Complex sentence Semi-Colon PAF

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