Lab Safety Procedures and Common Lab Equipment

Lab Safety Procedures and Common Lab Equipment

Lab Safety Procedures and Common Lab Equipment Chapman High School Lab Safety Rules 1) Listen to and READ DIRECTIONS carefully before you touch any lab equipment. Highlight and make notes on the lab procedures as you read. 2) When you are working with chemicals,

heated materials, or when performing labs that may cause particles to move through the air, be sure to wear SAFETY GOGGLES. Lab Safety Continued 3) Tell the teacher IMMEDIATELY if you have any spills of chemicals or if you break any glassware. 4) Be sure to WASH YOUR HANDS after you have used any chemicals or if you notice you have unknown substances on your skin.

5) Keep HAIR PULLED BACK and AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth while in the lab. Lab Safety Continued 6) Dont wear HOODIES, COATS, or other loose clothing in the lab. 7) Know where to find EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT. Complete your lab safety map now. - safety shower - eyewash station

- fire extinguisher - first aid kit - gas shut off valve - electrical shut off button Lab Safety Continued 8) Do not take PERSONAL ITEMS into the lab. You will only need your lab notebook, pencil, and what materials your teacher provides you. 9) Wear GLASSES instead of CONTACTS if possible. 10) Be sure not to wear your finest clothes or wear

an APRON during lab. Some things even TIDE cant save you from! Lab Safety Continued 11) CLEAN UP your lab station when lab is over. It should look better than when you entered the lab! 12) NEVER NEVER EVER play around in the lab. You will be disciplined severely and swiftly. People can get hurt and foolishness will NOT be

tolerated, even for a second. Using Glassware Safely 1) Check each piece of glassware before you use it. If it is CRACKED, BROKEN, CHIPPED, or STAINED let your teacher know before you use it! 2) Do not throw glass into the trash can. Place it in the green and white GLASSBREAK CONTAINER next to the door.

3) POUR CAREFULLY when you are adding liquids to glassware to avoid splashing! Using Glassware Safely 4) If you are working with HEAT, always assume that the GLASSWARE IS cant tell by looking! 5) Dont put hot glassware INTO COOL WATER the temperature difference may cause the glass to shatter!

Safety With Chemicals 1) Always protect your eyes with SAFETY GOGGLES when working with any chemicals. 2) Never MIX CHEMICALS unless you are instructed to do so. Always check with your teacher if you are not sure about chemical mixtures. BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY!! 3) Never taste or directly smell any chemical!! Waft the fumes toward your nose if you must. DO NOT INHALE FUMES!!

Safety With Chemicals 4) Never pour water into an acid. AAA ALWAYS ADD ACID! 5) Do not POUR CHEMICALS DOWN THE DRAIN as they may cause problems! Follow the teachers directions for proper disposal! 6) Wash your hands before you leave lab Electrical Safety 1) WRAP CORDS around the base of microscopes

so they wont hang off the lab table. 2) DO NOT TOUCH electrical equipment or outlets with wet or damp hands!! 3) Never put anything in electrical outlets. 4) Do not use equipment that has a DAMAGED CORD! Electrical Safety 5) Dont jerk an electrical cord, grab the PLUG and remove it from the outlet. 6) Be sure all electrical equipment is

UNPLUGGED at the end of the lab period. Being Safe With Heat! 1) Give HOT PLATES & BURNERS time to cool off before you touch them. Test heat by holding your hand near BUT DO NOT TOUCH the surface! 2) Be sure to protect your hands. Wear GLOVES or use TONGS to manage heated glassware, etc. 3) Be aware and dont reach across a FLAME,

STEAM, or OTHER HEAT or you may be burned. Being Safe With Heat! 4) Point TEST TUBES away from others when you are heating them. 5) Move the TEST TUBE AROUND rather than keep it still over the flame. 6) Dont heat WET GLASSWARE. 7) Turn on the GAS and then STRIKE. 8) NEVER NEVER EVER leave a burner or other

heat source unattended!!! FIRST AID- What to do when accidents happen! Incident: BURNS Action: Rinse injured area with cool water. Assess degree of

burn. See school nurse. Incident: LACERATIONS Action: Put on safety gloves. Use sterile gauze to put direct pressure on injury if bleeding. Assess need for stitches. Bandage minor cuts. See school

nurse More First Aid Tips Incident: FAINTING Incident: EYE INJURY Action: Loosen tight Action: Flush eyes in clothing around eyewash station for neck. Provide 15 minutes. Remove fresh air. Place contacts if possible.

feet above head. If there are particles in the eye, prevent eye rubbing. More First Aid Tips Incident: POISONING or CHEMICAL INGESTION Action: Determine what has been

ingested. Alert the teacher immediately. Call 911! Incident: CHEMICAL SPILLS SKIN CONTACT Action: Flush injured area with lots of cool water. For acidic

spills, apply pure baking soda solution. For basic spills, apply vinegar. More First Aid Tips Incident: ELECTRICAL SHOCK Action: Shut off electricity at emergency cutoff. Call 911!

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