Kingdom: Protista - Biology

Kingdom: Protista - Biology

Kingdom: Protista A MIXED UP KINGDOM This kingdom is the most diverse group of organisms.

They move like animals Photosynthesize like plants Produce spores like fungus What is a Protist? Protists live in almost any environment

that contains water. Many protists, such as the algae, are photosynthetic and are vital primary producers in ecosystems, particularly in the ocean----plankton. What is a Protist?

Eukaryotic Unicellular or multicellular Heterotroph or autotroph Some have cell walls Chapter 19, page 502

Pretzel slime mold (pg 502) Move with one or more flagella

Pa Paramecium Euglena

Movement & Support Pseudopods Cilia Flagella Some have cell walls Shells of silica and

calcium carbonate Some algae have holdfasts (root) and air bladders (buoyancy) Pellicle a thin layer supporting the cell membrane Digestion/Obtaining Nutrients

Heterotroph Endocytosis Diffusion Decomposers Oral groove, cilia, gullet, food vacuoles (pg 507) Autotrophs with pigments and chloroplasts

Nervous/Response Nucleus (macro and micro) Formation of cysts Eye spot for light detection Bioluminescent

Produce toxins EUGLENA Circulation Flow of cytoplasm

Gas Exchange Diffusion Excretion Diffusion

Contractile vacuole Anal pore Reproduction Sexual gametes Asexual binary fission

Conjugation Spores Fragmentation Alternation of generations Helpful Protists

Algae (photosynthesis) Diatoms (a group of algae

called phytoplankton.) Harmful Protists Entamoeba histolytica

Giardia lamblia Trichonympha-termites Trypanosomes-( many species, one causes sleeping

sickness carried by tsetse fly) trypanosome infecting RBCs

Gonyaulaux catanella (A marine dinoflagellate protozoan that produces a powerful toxin that accumulates in the tissues of mussels and shellfish; it may cause fatal poisoning in humans who have eaten contaminated shellfish.) Phytophtora infestans

(caused European potato famine of 1840s) Malaria Plasmodium

Infected RBCs

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