Keys to Guest Service -

Keys to Guest Service -

Comfort & Safety of the guest is the first concern Serve children first, then women, then men If special occasion: Guest of honor first, host last Always clear from the right Serve beverages from the right Do not clear plates until everyone is finished with that course

Never remove coffee or water glass Never reuse flatware Dont stack plates from the table The sales person upselling, open ended questions, highlights

The representative The skilled server has: Positive attitude Good appearance Good communication skills Knowledge Timeliness

Cooking method Food product Precooking prep How it is served Garnish Sides

Know the menu description Double check with chef Write it on the check Remind the expeditor Re-assure the guest when presenting Ask if a booster or highchair is needed Ensure seats are clean

Remove sharp objects, and glassware Bring activities to the table Ask parents if child food should be delivered first Clean under the table after they leave

Owners are legally responsible to make certain accommodations. Space for wheel chairs 27 table top clearance 30 table width 6 feet between tables minimum Ask the guest what they need Do not assume they want or need help

Computerized System for ordering food Used by FOH to communicate needs to BOH Easier, Faster, More Accurate than Previous Systems Verbal Written

Transmits order to proper station Server can place drink & food orders at the same time Orders always legible & organized Printing & Accuracy of Guest Check Reduces Employee Theft Inventory Manages & Informs Server of 86

Detailed Records for all Departments Beverage Food Server Sales Reports Server Code with table # & time order is placed

Items Ordered How Many of Each Modifications & Serving Sequence Which Guest Gets What Position #s Most elegant and elaborate style. More labor intensive and time consuming Teamwork is used called the Brigade system

Tableside service is used, therefore special equipment is required Preparing dishes in the dining room leaves no room for error The entire staff must work together All food and beverages are served from the right, with the right hand

All food is cleared from the right except bread and butter Servers always walk around the table in a clockwise direction Not all food is prepared in the kitchen Food may be prepared or plated tableside using a gueridon

Plates prepared in the kitchen must arrive when tableside plates are ready Plates may be presented under a dome cover, called a sous cloche Use of show plates and service plates are used Show plates are removed one the guest has ordered and replaced with service plates

Very personalized Very elegant and stylized Food is prepared with finesse and flair More servers are required, more labor Highly skilled servers required Costly equipment is needed

Fewer seats available in the dining room Takes longer to serve the guests, therefore fewer table turns Menu prices are higher to cover the costs Chef de Service

Dining Room Manager Hires and trains staff Ensures proper set up of the dining room Dining room inventory Orders supplies Supervises reservations Schedules Seats guests Customer complaints, issues

Captain Tables are positioned correctly Equipment is ready Greets guests Is attentive to verbal and nonverbal communication of the guests

Prepares food tableside Takes the orders Front waiter Responsible for service Beverage order Opening wine

Assisting table maintenance Flatware Back Waiter brings all food from the back to the service area Presents platters Coordinates orders with the chef

Busser Bread, butter, water Clearing table Resetting table *note- in most European countries, bread is served upon request

Wine Steward Selling and serving wines Helping guests chose wine Wine inventory Pricing wines

Assembling Saucing or garnishing Sauteing, Flambeing Carving, Deboning Serve solid food from the left, with the left hand

Serve liquids from the right with right hand 3. Exceptions Booths Obstacles Banquets

Serve the back of the table first Serve the left side with the right hand, right side with the left hand Formal banquets, Elegant restaurants All food is completely prepared and portioned in the kitchen Servers have a clean towel draped over

their left forearm Beverages and empty plates are placed to the right of the guest Counterclockwise Served with the right hand from the left of the guest Placed in the center of the table

Appropriate serving utensil placed to the side of the dish Guests serve themselves, and pass the food Cost effective Sense of good value Helps maintain informal atmosphere

Lacks service No expertise in plate presentation Portion control is minimized A lot of waste Server carries the hors doeuvre tray and presents the guest with a napkin

Napkins fanned in a spiral and held in the right hand Appropriate toothpicks and frills Tray jacks and stands must be provided

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