Junior Parent Night - Milford Public Schools

Junior Parent Night - Milford Public Schools

MHS College Planning Night February 8, 2018 MHS GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT STAFF Ms. Amy DeVeuve Reba Barrows [email protected] [email protected] X2171 X2184 Mr. Jason Gelmini Ms. Katherine Molinari [email protected] [email protected] X2184

x2182 Ms. Debora Monteiro (Portuguese speaking) [email protected] X2183 x2251 Mrs. Susan Cedrone Administrative Assistant [email protected] x2176 x2319 Ms. Jennifer Mitchell Hartford (Spanish speaking) [email protected] Mrs. Kristina DellaIacono

Pathways Guidance Counselor & Asst. Coord. [email protected] AGENDA College Admissions Testing SAT & ACT Junior Guidance Seminars College Fairs and Campus Visits Naviance Family Connection College Application Overview Helpful Hints Review of 2017-2018 October PSATs (Results in January) Course Selection Process Junior Guidance Seminars: Spring College Visits: February & April

vacation, summer SATs in March, May, June and August ACTs in April, June and July AP Tests in May Junior Guidance Seminars Guidance Counselors meet with their students in the spring Discuss post high school options College search process Beginning the college application process Letter of Recommendation Survey Common Application

NAVIANCE FAMILY CONNECTION Naviance: online tool for students to help with post high school planning. Parents and students receive information from the school regarding upcoming school events and information related to college & career readiness. Email us if your son/daughter has problems logging into account. Parents updated emails are entered into their childs account. Senior year: college application processed

through Naviance . Senior Year Preparation Naviance Tools (Scattergrams, College Search, College Supermatch) We recommend students to have 8-10 schools to look into by the end of this year (we recommend including at least 2-3 state schools). Break College options into 3 categories: 1. Reach Schools 2. Match Schools 3. Safety Schools College Entrance Exams

PSAT 10th and 11th Grades at MHS in October SAT www.collegeboard.org ACT (with Writing) www.actstudent.org SAT Subject Tests only for highly selective colleges TOEFL for students who learn English as a second language www.ets.org Fairtest.org colleges that do not use SAT/ACT testing in admissions SAT/ACT Test Prep

Khan Academy link to College Board account MHS SAT Prep Summer Course sign up in Spring Kaplan Test Prep www.kaptest.com Princeton Review www.princetonreview.com Revolution Prep www.revolutionprep.com Private Tutors SAT & ACT Practice Tests and Tips on their websites Preparation & Test Practice Books available in the guidance office, at local book stores, & amazon.com

SAT & ACT Test Dates for Juniors SAT & SAT Subject Tests Cost = $46 ($60 with essay) March 10th May 5th June 2rd Cost =

ACT $46 ($62.50 with essay) April 14th June 9th July 14th Special Considerations

IEP 504 Plan Portfolio Art Audition Music & Theater NCAA Clearinghouse Military ASVAB Fee Waivers free or reduced lunch TOEFL COLLEGE FAIRS & TOURS

Upcoming College Fairs: www.neacac.org www.nacacfairs.org www.tec-coop.org Check College Websites for info on College Tours, Information Sessions and Open Houses (February and April Vacations) Virtual College Tours March 15 and 22 Milford High School Helpful Hints Remember the college application process is a marathon, not a sprint.

Search together for colleges that meet your childs needs. Attend college fairs, financial aid events, and college visits together. These events allow you to meet with college representatives and get answers to your questions. Help your child make summer plans. Summer is a great time to explore interests and learn new skills and colleges look for students who pursue meaningful summer activities. Applying Early Action/Early Decision does not guarantee scholarship money. Students drive the college application process!

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