Jess Gets Hurt - Auburn University

Jess Gets Hurt - Auburn University

Jess Gets Hurt By Geri Murray Ben had a big game to play. Mom told Jess, You can stay here while Ben plays. Since you have Scat with you, I cant take

you to shop. Jess sat on the curb to pet Scats soft fur. Scat purred. Then a bird lit on a low perch. Scat was off like a whirl wind from the curb. Jess ran to get Scat, but she did

not see the truck turn at the curve. It did not go fast, but his swerve did not miss Jess. Jess fell with a thud in the dirt. Her hands burned. Her shirt was ripped. Her head hurt.

Then all was a blur. The man in the truck stopped to see Jess. He asked, Are you hurt? Jess did not say a thing. She seemed to sleep. When the man saw that she was

hurt, he ran to his truck and yelled for help. Then the man ran to Bens game. There is a girl hurt by the curb, he yelled. Please see if you know her.

The team ran to see the girl. Ben squirmed in to see. Stand back, Ben cried. Thats my sis. She is hurt. We have to get my mom. Ben turned to Jess and wiped her face

with his shirt. Jess, please wake up. Help is on the way. I will get Mom. The man in the truck drove Ben to the store. Ben ran to the help desk and had them ask for his mom. When Ben saw her,

he burst into tears. Jess is hurt, Mom. She wont wake up. She got hit by a truck and fell by the curb. Mom ran with them to help her girl. Then help came for Jess. I am a

nurse, she said. I know how to give first aid. Stand back, kids. The nurse checked Jess. Her pulse was firm. Jess had a small bump on her head and a few cuts. When the nurse put a strange scent by her nose, Jess woke up. Lets clean off this dirt. Its

full of germs, the nurse said. Jess saw Mom and Ben run to her. Jess got up to hug them. You are a sight, Mom sighed. Im so glad you are not hurt bad. This is Mr. Burns. You hit his truck.

I just had to get Scat back. Then Jess grabbed mom and sobbed. She was hurt, and her cat was lost. Mr. Burns went to his truck while Mom

held Jess. A fat cat jumped from the cab. It was Scat! Scat jumped up on Jess and purred. This is the last trip you take from home, Scat, Jess said. Lets stay and

see Ben win his game. Thats just what they did, and Bens team came in first. Return to the Book Index Genie Collection


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