Jeopardy - University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Jeopardy - University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Description: Go into greater detail of trophic pyramids and introduce the roles for each level. Goals: Identify the roles of producers, consumers, and decomposers. Objectives: Day 2 Explain the levels of the trophic pyramid Describe the roles of organisms for those

levels. Warm-Up Q = Use the first letter in of the six kingdoms to make a sentence: Example from one word: HORSE How Often do Rabbits Swim on Easter? A = Eubacteria, Archeabacteria, Protist, Fungi, Plants, Animals: Ex. People Eat Apples grown On Allens Plant Farm.

6 Kingdoms Eubacteria Archaebacteria Fungi Plants Animals

Protists Basic Energy Pyramid (Trophic Levels) Secondary Consumers Primary Consumers Primary Producers

Carnivores Herbivores Autotrophs Omnivores Top Decomposers Consumer Secondary Consumer

(Carnivores) Primary Consumers (Herbivores) Primary Producers (Autotrophs) Scavengers Examples Primary Producer Trees

Primary Consumer Buffalo Secondary Consumer Hyena Top Consumer Tiger Omnivore Humans

Examples Decomposers Fungi Bacteria Scavengers Vulture Raccoons Trophic Pyramid &

Vocabulary Youll need your textbook: Complete the Vocabulary Chart and Trophic Pyramid.

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