IT Services HungaryCompanyintroduction

IT Services HungaryCompanyintroduction

HR PEOPLE BUSINESS IT Services Hungary Company introduction HR PEOPLE BUSINESS ABOUT IT SERVICES HUNGARY Established in 2007 100% owned Hungarian subsidiary of T-Systems International Serves our international clients in operational areas on four Business Divisions Employee Skills Average age: 32 years 100% speak one foreign language, 45% German AND English 86% has at least one degree Company Certifications ISO9001, ISO27001, ISO20 0001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 CMMI Certificate Renewed Umbrella certification FTE as of 12/2017 206 5

163 5 BUDAPE ST DEBREC EN szeged PCS 53 7 15 2 Pcs, Debrecen and Budapest are fully equipped Business Continuity solutions. 24.05.201 Public ITSH_CSR

8 2 HR PEOPLE BUSINESS Provider of full scale of IT Services From Classic it to Innovative Solutions Workplace Support Security Management Application Operation Project Management System/Database Administration Network Planning Quality & Process Management Cloud Operation Network Administrator Architecture Management Development and Testing (SAP) Research & Development IoT Big Play Robotics / AI Appagile Public ITSH_CSR

24.05.201 8 3 HR PEOPLE BUSINESS INSTITUTIONAL and GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS University of Debrecen Three-party Strategic agreement (with Uni & Local Gov) Affiliated Department of ICT Systems Operation Operating systems and networks specializations Dedicated IT specialization at the Germanistic Faculty Scholarship and award programs University of SZEGED COUNTRYWIDE Start Programme to support IT Education at secondary

schools University of pcs Three-party Strategic agreement (with Uni & Local Gov) PM, OTC, ITIL, Network courses under the Affiliated ITSH Department since autumn 2016 Dual education program with ITSH and the IT department Strategic agreement IT Specialization program for last year students of the

Germanistic Faculty. Strategic Agreement with Hungarian Government Long term cooperation with Local Governments (e.g. Facility, Education, Smart City Solutions) Strong Relationship with HIPA Subsidies: EKD/R&D Public ITSH_CSR 24.05.201 8 4 HR PEOPLE BUSINESS Equal opportunities & social responsibility HR PEOPLE BUSINESS General principles Non-Discrimination, Equal Treatment

prohibit the negative discrimination of employees This extends to selection, hiring, wages, earnings, benefits, training Respect for Human Dignity Partnership, Cooperation: by creating transparent contractual relations Social Solidarity Equitable and Flexible Treatment Creating and Strengthening a Family-Friendly Working Environment Reducing Inequalities between the Genders Progress in Terms of Accessibility physical accessibility in the case of construction projects developments information and communication access of the disabled (computers for the blind and other devices, easy to understand communication, etc.). Improving the Quality of Life and Employment Prospects of People with Disabilities Improving the Quality of Life and Employment Prospects of Roma People New project Improving the Labor Market and Social Chances of Other Disadvantaged Groups Public ITSH_CSR 24.05.201 8

6 HR PEOPLE BUSINESS Disadvantaged worker Pursuant to EC regulation 68/2001 any young person under 25 who has not previously obtained his first regular paid employment; any person older than 45 who has not attained an upper secondary educational qualification or its equivalent; any long-term unemployed person, i.e. any person who was without work for 12 consecutive months, for the first six months after recruitment. any person wishing to re-enter working life after a break of at least three years, and particularly any person who gave up work on account of the difficulty of reconciling his working life and family life, for the first six months after recruitment; any person with serious disabilities which result from physical, mental or psychological impairments and yet capable of entering the labor market; any migrant worker who moves or has moved within the Community or becomes resident in the Community to take up work and who needs 24.05.201 Public ITSH_CSR 8 professional and/or language training; 7

HR PEOPLE BUSINESS Women at work at ITSH Programs & possibilities Career day for Women Female talent program Keeping mothers on maternity leave in touch with what is going on at the company Child-care room Atypical employment possibilities Part-time employment Home-office Flexible working arrangement Public ITSH_CSR 24.05.201 8 8 HR PEOPLE BUSINESS Home Office TEWE (TEleWork Employement) Go live succesfully managed: April

2018. Click icon to add picture TEWE tool is available for every employee Refreshed ITSHare page to guide employees ices/admin/homeoffice/homeofficeenglish/_layo uts/15/start.aspx#/SitePages/Home.aspx DEBRECE N BUDAPES T Approx. 800 employees in HO 1, 2, 3 or 4 days per week, also in night shifts/at the weekends

From the beginning of employment Safety trainings and audits before changing the status to telework simplified process & TEWE application published PCS szege d Public ITSH_CSR 24.05.201 8 9 HR PEOPLE BUSINESS Corporate social responsibility Programs & possibilities Blood donation several times at all sites Charity fairs gifts prepared by handicapped people Pack a shoe-box campaign Based on Employees votings to donate funds at Christmas time Eg. Fund to save premature baby

Voluntary work Reconstructions at Kindergartens, child hospitals, etc. Numbers 4 x 1 million HUF for 4 funds Public ITSH_CSR 24.05.201 8 10 HR PEOPLE BUSINESS Innovation BOOT camp 1. Public ITSH_CSR 24.05.201 8 11

HR PEOPLE BUSINESS Innovation BOOT camp 2. In 2015, world leaders agreed on 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We chose one of those goals and with the help of 10 innovators we came up with a solution The young visionaries met in Budapest to generate ideas in the course of a three-day Innovation Boot Camp, from 7 to 9 November, 2017. The solution they propose will be executed by ICT professionals at IT Services Hungary, and the finished prototype will be delivered to the Secretary General of the United Nations in New York. Investing into future educate people and teach the next generation Public ITSH_CSR 24.05.201 8 12 HR PEOPLE BUSINESS SZENDRLD CODING LADDER PROJECT ITSH 10 innovative ideas using informal, creative solutions, establishing IT teaching for students in need living in disadvantaged settlements. Why Szendrld Szendrld is the second poorest and first youngest location

Project collaboration with local government, local Civil Organization and Code School Close to Debrecen, our colleagues can be involved in education Pilot project, in case it works we start similar program close to Pcs, Szeged an Budapest Link to ITSH donation strategy: Support the access to the information and knowledge society for people in need Benefits Brand awareness New initiative in Hungary Involving students from the universities of Debrecen and Miskolc strengthening the ITSH brand as an employer Involving colleagues 24.05.20 Public ITSH_CSR Excellent communication opportunities 18 13 HR PEOPLE BUSINESS Thank you!

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