Issue Y2K The Great War for Talent!

Issue Y2K The Great War for Talent!

X04: Excellence Found2004! Tom Peters/12.20.2004 Walgree ns Good to Great: Fannie Mae

Kroger Walgreens Philip Morris Pitney Bowes Abbott Kimberly-Clark Wells Fargo SET THE AGENDA. Great Companies (Period.)

AGENDA SETTERS: Set the Table/ Pioneers/ Questors/ Adventurers US Steel Ford Macys Sears Litton Industries ITT The Gap Limited Walmart P&G 3M Intel IBM Apple Nokia Cisco Dell MCI Sun Oracle Microsoft Enron Schwab GE Southwest Laker People Express

Ogilvy Chiat/Day Virgin eBay Amazon Sony BMW CNN And the Winner is 1. Audacity of Vision 2. Innovation/R&D/Design 3. Talent Acquisition & Development 4. Resultant Experience 5. Strategic Alliances

6. Operations 7. Financial Management 8. Overall/Sustaining Excellence 9. Wow! 10. Lovemark! Cirque du Soleil! X04

Cirque du Soleil Infosys FBR/Friedman Billings Ramsey London Drugs Build-A-Bear Griffin Health Services/Planetree Alliance ... The Met/Big Picture schools Progressive Commerce Bank Richard Branson (HSM/WSB/CR/4S*) *My partners: Washington Speakers Bureau, HSM, Canyon Ranch, Four Seasons

Cirque du Soleil ! Cirque du Soleil: Talent (12 full-time scouts, database of 20,000). R&D (40% of profits; 2X avg corp). Controls (shows are profit centers; partners like Disney offset costs; $100M on $500M).

Scarcity builds buzz/ brand (1 new show per year. People tell me were leaving money on the table by not duplicating our shows. Theyre right.Daniel Lamarre, president). Source: The Phantasmagoria Factory/Business 2.0/1-2.2004 Infosys

! Infosys/Planet-warping Aspirations By making the Global Delivery Model both legitimate and mainstream, we have brought the battle to our territory. That is, after all, the purpose of strategy. We have become the leaders, and incumbents [IBM, Accenture] are followers, forever playing catch-up. However, creating a new business innovation is not enough for rules to be changed. The innovation must impact clients, competitors, investors, and society. We have seen all this in

spades. Clients have embraced the model and are demanding it in even greater measure. The acuteness of their circumstance, coupled with the capability and value of our solution, has made the choice not a choice. Competitors have been dragged kicking and screaming to replicate what we do. They face trauma and disruption, but the game has changed forever. Investors have grasped that this is not a passing fancy, but a potential restructuring of the way the world operates and how value will be created in the future. Narayana Murthy, chairmans letter, Infosys Annual Report 2003

+49%/profits +52%/revenue Source: WSJ/10.13.2004/Infosys 2nd-Period Profit Rose Amid Demand for Outsourcing FBR !

I Borrowed Your Watch: Heres What Time It Is Make a Difference Add Exceptional Value Enduring Relationships with Companies that Have the Potential to Be Great After-market Performance Focus/Strong Sectoral Approach Focus/Underserved Middle Market/Mid-cap Cos Dramatic Difference Research Roots Research Investment

Unique Analytic Process Highly Disciplined Fundamental Intrinsic Value Analysis Partnership Culture Mutual Support Enthusiasm Make a Difference D.C. as D.C. D.C. as not Wall Street Visibility/Tell Story/Brand

FBR: Fundamental Intrinsic Value Analysis Focus (You know what youre doing) Difference (You know how youre doing it) Culture (You understand the roots)

London Drugs ! At London Drugs, everyone cares about everything. Wynne

Powell London Drugs *Each major department a category killer (pharmacy, computers, photo-photo finishing, cosmetics) *Service added/ Experience (e.g., consultation booths for pharmaceutical Clients) *Brilliant, eye-popping design-merchandising *Price point: peanuts to super-premium

*Massive training, very low staff t/o *Big-bet experimentation-innovation *Locales begging for LD *Financials to die for *IS/IT/SC pioneers (compared favorably to Walmarts supplychain management; exquisite vendor-partner programs) *Effectively deflected Walmart incursion *Philosophy: fun, enthusiasm, innovation, commitment, care, talent development Build-ABear!

Build-A-Bear * 1997 to 2004: $0 to $300M * Maxine Clark/CEO (25 yrs May Dept Stores) * Build-A-Bear Workshops * Engagement! (Where Best Friends Are Made) * Theater! * Best Web Site? Griffin Health Services Corporation/ Griffin Hospital/ Planetree Alliance

! Planetree is about human beings caring for other human beings. Putting Patients First, Susan Frampton, Laura Gilpin, Patrick Charmel (Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen4S credo) It was the goal of the

Planetree Unit to help patients not only get well faster but also to stay well longer. Putting Patients First, Susan Frampton, Laura Gilpin, Patrick Charmel Those of us working in healthcare have an obligation to be of service in this world, to be bringers of light and hope. Our work is spiritual by its nature, as the Planetree model has acknowledged for decades.

Our definition of spirituality is coming into a right relationship with all that is, establishing a loving, nurturing, caring relationship. Planetrees has been to refocus our attention on the power of relationships, and, in particular, the mind-body-spirit relationship essential to healing. It has opened a door that will never be closed. Leland Kaiser, Holistic Hospitals Source: Putting Patients First, Susan Frampton, Laura Gilpin, Patrick Charmel

The 9 Planetree Practices 1. The Importance of Human Interaction 2. Informing and Empowering Diverse Populations: Consumer Health Libraries and Patient Information 3. Healing Partnerships: The Importance of Including Friends and Family 4. Nutrition: The Nurturing Aspect of Food 5. Spirituality: Inner Resources for Healing 6. Human Touch: The Essentials of Communicating Caring Through Massage

7. Healing Arts: Nutrition for the Soul 8. Integrating Complementary and Alternative Practices into Conventional Care 9. Healing Environments: Architecture and Design Conducive to Health Source: Putting Patients First, Susan Frampton, Laura Gilpin, Patrick Charmel Big Picture schools/ The Met

! The Real Goals of Education/Dennis Littky/The Big Picture *Be lifelong learners *Be passionate *Be ready to take risks *Be able to problem solve and think critically *Be able to look at things differently *Be able to work independently and with others

*Be creative *Care and want to give back to their community *Persevere *Have integrity and self-respect *Have moral courage *Be able to use the world around them well *Speak well, write well, read well, and work well with numbers *AND TRULY ENJOY THEIR LIFE AND WORK Engage the

kids around their passions. Dennis Littky/ The Met-Big Picture EBF* to

EBI** * Education By Fiat ** Education By Interest Progressive ! Progressive Is

* [Peter] Lewis has created an organization filled with sharp, type-A personalities who are encouraged to take riskseven if that sometimes leads to mistakes. * One thing that weve noticed is that theyve always been very good at avoiding denial. They react quickly to changes in the marketplace.Keith Trauner/portfolio manager * When four successive hurricanes hit Florida and neighboring states in August and September, Progressive sent more than 1,000 claims adjusters to the Southeast. Result: 80% of 21,000 filed claims had been paid by mid-October, an impressive figure.

This pleased policy holders and probably helped Progressive because delays in claims payments typically mean higher costs. Source: Barrons/ Polished Performer: The Car Insurance Games Best Managers Have Put Progressive in the Fast Lane/11.01.04 We dont sell insurance We sell speed.

anymore. Peter Lewis, Progressive Commerce Bank! Commerce Bank: From Service to Experience

7X. 730A800P. F12A.* *Plus: WOW Department Kill a Stupid Rule contests, etc. ( 93-03/10 yr annual return: CB: 29%; WM: 17%; HD: 16%. Mkt Cap: 48% p.a.) Thesaurus of WOW! They hate it if you call them bankers. They love it, on the other hand, when you ask to see their #sstupendous. They are Commerce Bank. These absurdly fast growing, insanely profitable retailers, rewriting the rules of East Coast retail banking, sent me a copy of their booklet, Traditions. It explicates their Wow the Customer Philosophy. At the end

theres A Collection of Commerce Lingo. I wont define (use your imagination), but simply offer a small sample: Fans, Not Customers. Say YES 1 to say YES, 2 to say NO. (A staffer has to get a supervisors approval to say no to anything.) Recover!!! To Err Is Human; To Recover Is Devine. Leave Em Speechless. Positive Behavior. Positive Language. Kill A Stupid Rule. (Get cash rewards for exposing dumb internal rules that impede our ability to WOW!) Make the WOW! Answer Guide Your Best Friend. Buzz Bee. CommerceWOW!Zone. (A K-12 financial education program.) Doctor WOW! Ten-Minute Principle. (Stores open 10 minutes before posted hours, stay open 10 minutes after

posted hoursand the hours, such as open 7 days a week, are already incredibly generous & tradition-shattering.) Wall of WOW! WOW! Awards. (The annual recognition ceremonyRadio City Music Hall, with the Rockettes, in 05.) WOW! Patrol. WOW! Spotlight. WOW Van. WOW Wiz. (A service superstar.) Etc. The Kevin & Richard Show!

Kevin Roberts Credo 1. Ready. Fire! Aim. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

If it aint broke ... Break it! Hire crazies. Ask dumb questions. Pursue failure. Lead, follow ... or get out of the way! Spread confusion. Ditch your office. Read odd stuff.

10. Avoid moderation! Sir Richards Rules: Follow your passions. Keep it simple. Get the best people to help you. Re-create yourself. Play.

Source: Fortune on Branson/10.03

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