Iran-Contra Affair

Iran-Contra Affair


An operation to free American Hostages being held by terrorist groups with Iranian ties. It was planned that Israel would ship weapons to Iran, and then the U.S. would resupply Israel and receive the Israeli payment. Iran needed weapons since they were fighting a war with Iraq Being held by the Lebanese Shia Islamist group Hezbollah Hezbollah: militant group and political party in Lebanon (terrorist group).

OLIVER NORTH The plan deteriorated into an armsfor-hostages scheme Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North in 1985 mostly set up the plan where a portion of the proceeds from the weapon sales was diverted to fund anti-Sandinista and anti-communist

rebels, or Contras, in Nicaragua. THE PLAN EXPOSED Lebanese newspaper reported that the U.S. sold arms to Iran through Israel in exchange for the release of hostages by Hezbollah. REAGAN

President Ronald Reagan: was a supporter of the Contra cause no evidence has been found showing that he authorized the exchange of the money raised by the Iranian arms sales to the Contras. Reagan was more than aware that

this was happening. WHAT DID REAGAN KNOW After the weapon sales were revealed in November 1986, Reagan appeared on national television and stated that the weapons transfers had indeed occurred, but that the United States did not trade arms for hostages.

NATIONAL TELEVISION On March 4, 1987, Reagan returned to the airwaves in a nationally televised address, taking full responsibility for any actions that he was unaware of. GEORGE W. BUSH

Bush was vice-president at the time of the affair. Some of those involved in the Iran Contra scandal who were convicted of felonies and subsequently pardoned later became members of the administration of George W. Bush.

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