Investigative Journalism

Investigative Journalism

Investigative Journalism OPTIC and Visual Analysis OPTIC O - Overview P - Parts T - Title/Text I - Interrelationships C - Conclusion O - Overview

What is happening in the picture? Summarize the action of the visual without analyzing its meaning yet. This is equivalent to the paraphrase part of CLOSE reading analysis. O - Overview This is a photograph of a 19th century man standing in front of large boat chains on a dock. P - Parts

Break the picture down into sections. Describe the placement of objects in the image. Name everything that can be seen. Describe color, lighting, and movement in the picture. P - Parts Parts Color Placement

Attitude Size Orientation Man White/unremarkable Center

Arrogant/driven Adult In front of ship chains Boat chains Gray/steel Center

Powerful Huge Behind man Dock/Pier Gray/dirty Bottom

Strong Large Below man and chains Watch Silver/white Center

Diminutive Small Tophat Black Center Appropriate

Tall On top of mans head Boots Black Bottom Used

Medium to large Holding man up Cigar Black Center Powerful

Small In mans mouth Suit Black Center Used/comfortable

Fitting On man Coming from mans vest pocket T - Title/Text What does the title reveal about the picture? How much does it add to what you understand or do not understand about the picture? Is there any text within the image itself?

What does it say? How does it affect/impact the overall image? Explain your answers. Title: Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Launching Chains of the Great Eastern Photographer: Robert Howlett

T - Title/Text This photo, captured by Robert Howlett, is titled Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Launching Chains of the Great Eastern. I - Interrelationships Analyze the relationships in the picture. How do objects or people or colors relate to each other in the picture? What clues to the message or argument are these relationships giving you? What seems to be the most important relationship in the picture?

I - Interrelationships Contrast of great/little repeated through Ship/man Boat chains/man Boat chains/watch chain Power repeated through Man standing in front of chains Dock strong enough to hold up chains Boots - worn, dirty, used Success repeated through Large cigar, image of success

Suit is an image of success, yet comfortable in setting of work/dirt Man wearing a suit for business yet jumps in to get down and dirty when required Tophat Arrogance shown In mans pose/disinterest In mans wearing suit in place of filth In taking a picture in front of the great chains

C - Conclusion Draw a conclusion to the meaning or message of the picture based on what you have viewed and discussed as a group. Essentially, what is the argument the artist is trying to convey? C - Conclusion A mans impact can be much more immense than what would be judged by his size alone. A mans power is not relative to the forces that get in his way. Man can overcome

obstacles just by the sheer power of his will. A man sets his own limits relative to what he believes he can conquer. OPTIC Review O P T I C OPTIC Review

Complete the paragraph at the bottom of your notesheet. This is your exit ticket. Next class, we are in the library.

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