Introduction to Natural History - University Of Maryland

Introduction to Natural History - University Of Maryland

Introduction to Natural History Master Naturalist Program University of Maryland Extension Author: Sylvan Kaufman What is Natural History? The study of the natural world Plants, animals,

rocks, planets, weather, Illustration from Mark Catesbys Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands Geology The Earths physical structure

Sideling Hill Photo by Paul Breeding, Formation and Structure of the Earth Movement of Continents

Plate Tectonics Formation of the Appalachians on=com_content&view=article&id=63&Itemid=83 Types of Rocks Igneous from volcanic

activity Sedimentary from erosion, deposition Metamorphic from heat and/or pressure Marylands Physiographic Provinces Geologic Time ul/1393/images/fig59.jpg Important Events for Maryland Precambrian 3.5-1bya 4.56

bya 3.5 bya Formation of Earth 1.8bya

oxygen increasing in atmosphere one-celled organisms Paleozoic 600-230 mya

500 mya Pangaea forms Mesozoic 230-65 mya 230mya

65mya Cenozoic 65 mya - present 50mya 35 mya

2mya 18000 ya 10000ya Pangaea Extinction of breaks apart dinosaurs

Chesapeake Glaciation End of Wisconsin Chesapeake Bay Bay bolide periods, spruce glaciation forms lands forests, tundra, Appalachians North America

grasslands forming splits from Humans settle Insects, mollusks, Dinosaurs, birds, Laurasia Mammals eastern North fish, amphibians, first mammals,

dominate on land America primitive plants seed plants (not to scale) Atmosphere

Climate Historic climate change Image from: Recent climate change

Future climate change Warmer winters and summers Wetter autumns and springs, drier summers Increase in storm severity

Sea level rise Weather Maryland Watersheds Chesapeake Bay

Formation of Dead Zones Native Americans in Maryland Paleo Indians Archaic period Woodland Period

Population Human Population Growth Year Hydrological Cycle Soils

Figure from: Industrial Mining Mine tailings in the Savage River Image from

Limestone quarry in Cockeysville, MD Forest Products Building lumber Shipping crates and pallets Shelves and furniture

Chips for fuel pellets Mulch Pulp for paper planning/sfla/socioeconomic.htm Wildlife Hunting and Fishing Image from:

Deer Black bear Rabbits Muskrats Squirrels Game birds

Waterfowl Fish Shellfish Loss of Habitat Skills for Naturalists

Observation Recording Research Reporting Nature journal page from Margan Glover, used

with permission from the author. Famous Maryland Naturalists You could be next! Benjamin Banneker Rachel Carson Charles Wilson

Peale Mary Elizabeth Banning Chandler S. Robbins

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