Immune System - North Thurston Public Schools

Immune System - North Thurston Public Schools

Immune System Functions Defense against dangerous organisms Response to foreign invaders Three types 1st Anatomic 2nd Inflammatory 3rd Immune Immune System Foreign Invaders Pathogens Viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites Expose/Infected Dose/Virulence/Host

Resistance Antigens Toxins Antibodies Viruses Hi-jack organelles & Spread to other cells Interferon (control) Cell before infecti on

and after. Immune System- Anatomic saliva antibacterial enzymes skin prevents entry stomach acid low pH kills harmful microbes tears

antibacterial enzymes Mucus & Cilia linings traps dirt and microbes Immune System- Inflammatory Increase of blood circulation Cells congregate Redness, swelling, heat, pain Acute (short)/Chronic(long) inflammation Innumerable Insults Tissue damage Healing/repair

Disorders Immune System - Immune Primary (non-specific) Response First time invaders Secondary (specific)Response Second time invaders/Immunological memory (antibodies) Immunity-Ability to fight off infection

Antibodies Active Immunity Ex. Exposure/Vaccination Passive Immunity Ex. Breast Feeding Immune System- Immune Phagocytes Consume and destroy (macrophages) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Detection Moves towards target Engulfs (macrophage) Fuse & release Digested & absorbed Pus = left over debris Immune System Parts Blood

WBC Lymph nodes Lymph/Lymphocytes Thymus Gland T-Cells (Helper/Killer)

Bone Marrow B-Cells Histamines Inflammatory Response Antibodies

Prior Antigens Immune System Problems Auto Immune Diseases Arthritis/Lupus/Multiple Sclerosis Allergies Histamines Inflammatory response Avoidance/Epi Pen/Antihistamines HIV/AIDS Cripples immune system No Cure

Integumentary System Functions Regulate temperature Sensationfeelings Protection Produce Vitamin D Integumentary System Structures (parts) Skin layers:

Epidermis Dermis Hypodermis Hypodermis Integumentary System Systems Work Together Hair and hair follicles Nails

Oil Glands Sweat Glands Nerves Integumentary System Problems Eczema Acne Warts

Ring Worm Athletes Foot Dandruff Integument System Burns 1st Degree- superficial 2nd Degree- partial 3rd Degree- full Integumentary System Skin Cancer Sqaumous cell carcinoma Benign- Warts

UV Exposure Aging Asymmetry Border Color Diameter Basal cell carcinoma Melanoma

Nervous System Functions Control Center Sends, receives, processes Responds & adapts Autonomic Sympathetic Parasympathetic Nervous System Central Nervous System

Brain Spinal Cord Peripheral Nervous System Spinal Nerves Peripheral Nervous System Peripheral Nerves Nervous System Dendrites Parts Soma

Neurons Cell body-nucleus Dendrites-receive Axons- send Synapse Neurotransmitters Axon Hillock Axon Synapses Nervous System Dendrites

Neuron Types Sensory Neuron convert external to internal Interneuronneuron to neuron Motor Neuron CNS to effector Nerve Cell Body Axon Multipolar Neuron Presynaptic Neuron Pseudo-unipolar

Neuron Nervous System Nervous System Central Nervous System Cerebrum Voluntary Cerebellum Muscles Brain Stem Involuntary Spinal Cord

Communication Center Nervous System Five Senses Hearing Vibrations to auditory nerve Sight Light to rods/cones to electrical impulses Touch Touch receptors to brain Smell olfactory neurons to brain

Taste Taste buds to brain Nervous System Peripheral Nervous System Carry messages to and from CNS Sensory Body to brain Motor Brain to body Nervous System Problems

Concussion Paralysis Parkinson's Alzheimer's Epilepsy Urinary System Functions Kidneys filter blood

Toxins Metabolic/nitrogenous wastes Excess water Excess ions Balances Salt Electrolyte

Acids Water Discharge Excess fluids 24 Urinary System 25 Urinary System Parts Kidneys

Cortex (outer) Divides Medulla (inner) Pyramids Renal Pelvis Calices Minor Calices Collect urine Urinary System Nephrons Cortical Juxtamedullary

Conserve ADH Urinary System More Parts Uriniferous Tubule Urters Urethra Urethral Sphincters Internal Smooth Muscles External Skeletal Muscles

Urinary Bladder Last Part Urinary Bladder Stores/Expels urine 3 Tissues See also brief atlas 29 Respiratory System Nasal cavity Pharynx larynx

Trachea Right Lung Left lung Pleura Pleura Diaphragm Respiratory System Parts

Diaphragm Nasal Cavity Pharynx Larynx Trachea Bronchi Bronchioles Alveoli Respiratory System

Functions Obtain O, eliminate CO2 Respiration Expiration Inspiration Medulla-manage BPM Air Exchange Bronchial tree bronchioles air sac- alveoli - capillaries Respiratory System Left Bronchus Trachea

Right Bronchus Tracheal Ring Carina Trachealis Muscle Tracheal Ring Respiratory System Pulmonary Artery Alveolar Ducts Pulmonary Vein Alveoli

Capillaries Alveolar Sac Respiratory System Problems Asthma Tuberculosis

Influenza Lung cancer Emphysema Pneumonia Bronchitis

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