Homer the Poet - Chandler Unified School District

Homer the Poet - Chandler Unified School District

Homer the Greek Poet Homers Life Homer was born in around 8th-9th century B.C.E in Greece. Earlier in his life, he was a musical bard and recited many poems. He even sang during his well known street performances. Known as the greatest ancient Greek poet teller, he has an enormous influence on literature even today. Because there was no written history back then, many events that we assume to have occurred are based on his writings and teachings. Soon his poems were used in all of Greeces education. Despite living in Dark Ages and being blind, his work was known to be the pinnacle of Greek work, even influencing the conquests of Alexander the Great.

The Literature of Homer The Iliad This epic poem is about the story of the war between the Greeks and the Trojans. The two sides ended up battling for hand of the beautiful queen Helen, ultimately ending in the trickery of the Trojan Horse. The Odyssey

The sequel to the Iliad, about the protagonist Odysseus returning from ten years of his journey to go back to the devastation of Ithaca. (And he also met some lady frienemies along the way) Mysteries of Homer Although Homer was the pinnacle of Greek literature in his time, many mysteries surround his ideals and gender. Very little is even known

and or can even be considered to be legitimate. Many people thought he was a group of people and not just one person. This was because it was common for a group of writers to sign their work. Others believed he was Mrs. Homer because of his/her major lack of sea knowledge. Despite this, his work still continues to influence western civilization to today. Pictures Statue of Homer Homer

on a Greek coin Odysseus, the protagonist in The Oddysey The triumph of Achilles in The Iliad A portrayal of Homer

the Poet Higher Level Questions How was Homer able to influence all of Greece, despite being blind and relatively poor? How did his poems get passed down from B.C.E. to modern era? Why does Homers stories depict the major relationship between the gods and the people?

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