High School Counselor Workshop - Los Angeles Mission College

High School Counselor Workshop - Los Angeles Mission College

Federal Updates & The FAFSA 2015 CASFAA FSA ID Replaces FSA PIN! What this means: Where to use an FSA ID: Improved security User-selected username &

password Eliminates need to supply SSN and date of birth for login Each FSA ID must have a unique email address! FAFSA on the Web My Federal Student Aid (studentaid.gov/login) NSLDS StudentLoans.gov

TEACH Grant website 2015 CASFAA School Selection - School View Starting 2016-2017 Colleges will not see other schools listed on students FAFSA results (SAR) Only state agencies

will see ALL colleges listed on FAFSA 2015 CASFAA FAFSA.com Domain Name Transfer Through a negotiated settlement agreement, Student Financial Aid Services (SFAS) will transfer FAFSA.com to the U.S. Department of Education 2015 CASFAA

FAFSA Application Cycle and PPY Starting 2017-2018 FAFSA available October 1st (2016) FAFSA will use prior-prior-year (PPY) income data 2017-2018 FAFSA will use 2015 tax year information 2015 CASFAA

FAFSA on the Web (FOTW) 2015 CASFAA FAFSA on the Web (FOTW) Start here for: Initial FAFSA Corrections Signatures / FSA ID Continuing a saved FAFSA Renewal FAFSA

www.fafsa.gov 2015 CASFAA FAFSA on the Web (FOTW) Using FOTW Ask Questions Browse Help View Deadlines & Announcements

2015 CASFAA www.fafsa.gov FAFSA on the Web (FOTW) Contact Us Live Help (Chat) (Mon-Fri 5am-7pm) (800) 433-3243 (1-800 4FedAid)

[email protected] 2015 CASFAA FAFSA on the Web (FOTW) Help Trending Questions FAQs Search

2015 CASFAA FOTW help at StudentAid.gov 2015 CASFAA FOTW Overview: 7-Step Process 2015 CASFAA Step 1:

About the Student 2015 CASFAA Student Demographics Check for: Name matches student Social Security card Transposed numbers Incorrect data in numeric fields

Tip: Use the Help and Hints section on each page Simple mistakes can delay processing FAFSA and determining eligibility for financial aid 2015 CASFAA Student Eligibility Important Items: Citizenship status High school

graduation status Grade level New question regarding foster youth status 2015 CASFAA Student Eligibility Students with a high school diploma must:

Identify their high school Select Confirm to find a match Select the school from the list or select Next to continue if the school is not showing on the list 2015 CASFAA Step 2:

School Selection 2015 CASFAA School (college) Selection Add a school Federal School Code Search by: o State o City o Name of college

Housing plans On campus With parent Off campus 2015 CASFAA Step 3: Determining Student Dependency Status 2015 CASFAA

Dependency Determination NO to all questions: makes the student dependent Must submit parent information Note: Child must be supported financially more than 50%

2015 CASFAA Foster Youth Select YES if at any time since the student turned age 13, he/she was in foster care even if no longer in foster care today due to: o Adoption o Reunification o Reached the age of majority (18 yrs.) Note: Documentation may be required

2015 CASFAA Emancipated Minors Select YES if the student: o as of today, is an emancipated minor, or o was an emancipated minor immediately before turning 18 years old Note: Documentation (issued from a court in the students state of legal residence) may be required

2015 CASFAA Legal Guardianship YES, if NO, if Student can provide a copy of a courts Student is still a minor and the court decision that as of today he or she is in decision is no longer in effect. a legal guardianship. Student can provide a copy of a courts The court decision was not in effect at

decision that he or she was in a legal the time the student became an adult. guardianship immediately before he or she reached the age of being an adult in his or her state. The court was located in the state of legal residence for the student at the time the court's decision was issued. 2015 CASFAA

The guardianship was established by an attorney but not ordered by a court. Homeless, Unaccompanied Youth Select YES if any time after July 1, 2015, the student meets all three criteria Homeless or at risk of being homeless o Lacking fixed, regular and adequate housing. Includes living in shelters, parks, motels or cars, or temporarily living with other people because the student has nowhere else to go

Unaccompanied o Not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian Youth o Under 21 years of age Resource for homeless students: NAEHCY.org 2015 CASFAA Homeless, Unaccompanied Youth Students are considered to be independent

if they are determined to be Homeless Unaccompanied Youth by: The students high school or school district homeless liaison, or The director of an emergency shelter or transitional housing program funding by HUD, or The director of an a runaway or homeless youth basic center or transitional living program, or The colleges Financial Aid Administrator determines they meet the requirements for consideration 2015 CASFAA

What if 2015 CASFAA then Colleges have the authority to override federal criteria for making a student independent

Process will vary college to college Note: Student MUST follow up with college 2015 CASFAA Step 4: Parental Information for Dependent Students 2015 CASFAA

Whose info goes on a FAFSA? 2015 CASFAA Responses on the FAFSA Never Married Unmarried and both parents living together Married or Remarried Divorced or Separated Widowed

2015 CASFAA Divorced or Separated Parents Provide information for the parent(s) with whom the student lived with most during the 12 months prior to filing the FAFSA If the student spent equal time with both parents, use the information for the parent who provided the greatest amount of financial support for the student in the prior 12 months If both parents are still living together, use

information for both parents on FAFSA 2015 CASFAA Remarried Parent Provide information about the custodial parent and stepparent regardless of: Agreement of nonsupport Prenuptial agreement Divorce decree designating tax filing exemptions Note: A parent claiming the student on his or her tax return need not be the parent required to provide data on the FAFSA

Note: Children of parent and stepparent should be included on the FAFSA (if they provided more than half of their support) 2015 CASFAA NO Parental Information Do not provide parent information for Foster parent(s) o Student is automatically considered an independent student Grandparents, other relatives, or legal

guardian(s) o Colleges may use professional judgment to allow the student to file as an independent student o Exception: Adoptive parents 2015 CASFAA Parent Information Demographics Marital status will determine what questions are asked

of the parent(s) 2015 CASFAA Parent Information Household Size: Parent provides more than 50% financial support Number in College: Students enrolled at

least half-time 2015 CASFAA Parent Income Information IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) Transfers information directly from the IRS o Requires FSA ID o Available in early February

(estimate) o Available after filing 2015 federal tax return 3+ weeks after electronic filing 11+ weeks after paper filing 2015 CASFAA Parent Asset Information Note: Asset filtering question

2015 CASFAA Step 5: Student Income and Assets 2015 CASFAA Student Income & Assets Same questions as asked of parents

If student will not file a tax return, they may still be asked: o Amount earned from work o Asset information 2015 CASFAA Step 6: Signatures and Certification

2015 CASFAA Sign and Submit (Student) Select signature method FSA ID or printed signature page Terms of Agreement $$$ to be used for education-related expenses only Student is not in default on a federal

student loan Student does not owe a refund of a federal Title IV grant Can receive Federal Pell Grant from only one college for the same period of time Agree to provide tax information and other requested documents 2015 CASFAA Sign and Submit (Parent)

Select signature method FSA ID or printed signature page Terms of Agreement Provide documents to verify accuracy of information (if requested) IRS verification 2015 CASFAA Step 7:

Confirmation 2015 CASFAA Confirmation Page Confirmation number Data Release Number (DRN) Optional feature: transfer FAFSA data Eligibility information

College information Next steps 2015 CASFAA Student Aid Report (SAR) Sent electronically or by mail Summarizes FAFSA information Displays EFC and DRN (upper right-hand area on the SAR) EFC - Expected Family Contribution Used to determine eligibility for

federal aid DRN - Data Release Number Used to send SAR to additional schools 2015 CASFAA Student Aid Report (SAR) Electronically sent within 3-5 days if FAFSA was submitted online with a valid email address Electronically sent within 2 weeks if a paper FAFSA was submitted with a valid email address o Filers (with a valid email address) get an email from

Federal Student Aid with subject FAFSA Results Sent by U.S. Postal mail within 3 weeks if the FAFSA (online or paper) was submitted without a valid email address 2015 CASFAA Free Book about Filing the FAFSA 250-page book about completing the Free Application for Federal

Student Aid (FAFSA) Maximize eligibility for student aid Avoid common errors Complete the form quickly, easily and accurately FREE PDF version download at: edvisors.com/fafsa-book Questions?


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