Tier 2 Intervention Behavior Contracts Module 2 Tier II Intervention: Behavior Contract Purpose Behavior Contract Students and Families

Staff Develops a structure that supports positive behavior (QAP Goal) Negotiated Process Positive Interactions (money in the bank) On-Going Dialogue Accessible tool Improves interactions Improves student behavior FIRS T What Needs To Be

In aComponents: Behavior Critical Expected Behavior: Contract? Description of the desired, expected behaviors to be performed THE N Goal Statement: specifying by when, what behavior, and under what conditions reward will be earned The Payoff: Identification of the reward(s) to be earned

Staff pre-corrects: prompts student on daily basis using the behavior contract Signatures: from all parties involved (may not be necessary in K-5 versions) Behavior Contract Example K-2 Name: _______________ Date: __________________ When I earn 10 Stars, I will Goal Statement (10 Stars) & Negotiated _________________________________________________ Pay-off

I can earn stars by being: Being Safe - keep hands and feet to myself Being Respectful - use my words to ask for help Being Responsible - clean up my materials Description of the desired, visible behaviors Staff can use to pre-correct, prompt and reinforce Behav

ior Chart for 3-5 Gotta catch em all so we can go hunting! I want healthy beverage please. To attend drop in program 3

out of 5 days of the week Student will attend program 3 out of 5 days of the week Student will attend programs study session. Student will sign in upon arrival, do academic work, stay on approved websites and engage in respectful language with peers and adults. If student successfully attends 3 out of 5 days of the week, student will have 30 minutes of video game access in the teen center on Friday. Program Leader

Via weekly email 3 out of 4 successful weeks = DJ mini dance party Limited/No access to privileges Behavior Contract MS & HS KD youve got this! Prevent Satiation to Behavior

Contract LEVEL SYSTEM Having a leveled system can help to build towards fading the program eventually Level 1: immediate Level 2: increasing the time or strength of behavior Level 3: getting increasing closer to the natural schedule of reinforcement From BACR Sherman ASP How to Initiate Tier I is in place Negotiate contract

Can be done with student Can be done with student and family Baseline is key Set student up for success Shape behavior Develop student buy-in Develop family buy-in Debrief Think of a student you might have a behavior contract for What are some privileges the student can earn?

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